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Good Tuesday Morning To You All


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Sep 10, 2004
How are we all this morning? Hope everyone is well. The sun is shining here, nice and bright.

I'm tired... again. Anyone else feeling really tired this week (and last)? No matter how much sleep I get, I'm still yawning all day

So what have we all got planned for today? I have something fantastically, overwhelmingly, exciting planned for my day.... oh hang on, I'm at work all day

to you all
I'm always tired.

I'm a night person and staying up till at least 1am is no problem, getting up to get the kids ready for school is another thing though.
My eldest daughter had her athletics carnival today and did extremely well.

She placed 1st in the 100mtrs, 90mtrs hurdles and discus.

2nd in long jump, shotput and the 200mtrs.

3rd in javelin and triplejump, competing against girls 2yrs older then her in the last event.

The top 4 girls are excited as we're hoping to make state level with our 13yrs girls relay this year.