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Giving birth for art's sake


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Sep 10, 2004
Berlin - A woman has given birth in a German art gallery in front of dozens of spectators as part of an exhibition.

Ramune Gele, 27, gave birth to her first child, a healthy baby girl named Audra, in the DNA art gallery in the capital Berlin.

The father, 29-year-old musician Winfried Witt, who said before the birth "it's a gift to humanity, a once in a lifetime thing", called the experience "an existential work of art".

Johann Novak, manager of the gallery, said the couple wanted to challenge conventional norms.

"It's a bit of test to see if society can cope," he said.

Some 30 members of the public were contacted when Gele went into labour

Ok, in my own personal opinion.... I find this highly ridiculous!! Giving birth in as part of an art exhibition?! What on earth was this woman thinking??

Am I mistaken, I thought giving birth - especially for the first time - would be something intimate that should be shared between a woman and her partner/family!!!! Not a community of people who want to look at paintings and sculptures!!!!!

What is the world coming to?
Wonder how much she got paid for this so called piece of art? If people wanna see someone having a baby - discovery health does it every day - don't need it in an art gallery!
unfortunately, the lady who was the Baby Whisperer is no longer with us she died which is such a pity because although you say it makes people think all babies are problem babies, that's not the case if you look at it properly.

Babie are not problems but as they are not able to tell us what is wrong sum babies do cry alot and to extreme levels, which can be stressful and heartbreaking for some families.

What she did was teach parents especially new ones that very often there is an underlying issue which needs resolving in order for your baby/child to be content.

I have had several women in our village who are first time mums complaining of their babies excessive crying and keeping them up with vomiting etc.... but after watching baby whisperer they've said they were gobsmacked as using the same techniquees she showed on tv helped with their own situations.

It's a hard time for first time and second third time mums if their newborn is one of the ones that is "problematic" but it's good to know that there's information out there be it on tv or in a book, magazine or through a friend that can help to resolve the problem.

Here's to the BABY WHISPERER!!!! xx