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Get rid of those dark circles under eyes


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Sep 10, 2004
* To reduce those dark circles under your eyes by ensuring you get approx 8 hours sleep per night.

* Also try to drink 8 glasses of water per day!

* When applying make-up, make sure you use good concealer above and below the eye to disguise any imperfections

* To refresh tired eyes, use a bronzer over your eyelids and cheekbones. Also try a touch of tanned eye shadow in the corners of your eyes

* Try sprinkling cold water over your eyes whilst they are open, to revive them (sounds painful lol) follow with a soothing eye cream

* Try this sexy tip.... Line your top and bottom lash lines, to the outer corner, with a black kohl pencil, then apply your favourite mascara

Ooh thanks! i got horrible undereye circles, and i have no idea why even though i get plenty of sleep. Is it possible that i have them because of my eyesight? it's really weak like 4 point something... does eyesight effect undereye circles or something?

I've heard that putting cucumber slices on your eyes for about two hours before going to sleep is good, but you can't open your eyes after that lol, go straight to sleep.
Also, patting rose water over them helps (not sure if this works though because i've been trying it and it hasn't helped)... it did help my friend though, hers have gone slightly lighter...
Rose water is brilliant if you want nice and soft skin, i've tried it and wow lol. Just apply some on a cotton pad or some soft cloth and pat on your face. It might prevent wrinkles too.. i'm not sure.
I have horrible dark circles too =/ Thank God they're not "Bags".. Bags sounds worse xD
Another tip I've heard from many people and also read it on internet..
Apply ice cubes to your eyes (keep an ice-cube in a napkin or sth and you know umm.. apply it on your eye?) I hope you understand what I mean =/ Well, It helps reduce dark circles and the reduces the "tired look" from your eyes :p
and also, you can use Tea bags! Take used tea bags and keep them in the freezer until they're cold, and keep them on your eyes for a while.. It reduces dark circles too? That's what I read.