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G8 Unrest Escalates In Edinburgh


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Sep 10, 2004
Police have sent in officers trained in public order to deal with several hundred anti-G8 protesters in the centre of Edinburgh.

Missiles were thrown and weapons recovered as the trouble escalated, Lothian and Borders Police said.

Lines of officers have forced back protesters at various locations. Roads are closed businesses are being advised to consider shutting.

A senior officer accused protesters of pursuing their own "selfish agenda".

Tension began to rise during the "Carnival For Full Enjoyment", which was called by anti-capitalist groups.

The Wombles and Dissent are committed to fighting capitalism and the ideas of the G8 and both played a part in London's May Day riots in recent years.

In an online advert for the event the groups asked people to: "Bring drums, music, banners, imagination for action against the G8 that expresses our resistance in work, out of work or wherever we live."

Police said they were dealing with "sporadic incidents by several hundred activists intent on causing major disruption". They were behaving in a "threatening and confrontational manner".

A number of police lines have been formed to contain crowds. Some officers are on horseback and others have donned riot gear.

The demonstrators appeared to want to focus on the west end of Edinburgh, which is the city's financial area.

At 1245 BST, the main body of protesters was hemmed in at Canning Street, with no access into side streets.

More protesters tried to join the march at the Shandwick Place end and were pushed back. One managed to climb halfway up a building with a black flag.

There was a report that a group had entered the Caledonian Exchange building, which houses some offices of the financial services company Standard Life. The company said they did not get into their premises.