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"Free SMS account"


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Sep 10, 2004
I received an email today from a very trustworthy person on my msn list offering a "free sms account". HOORAY i thought.

I joined up and all was fantastic until I received a text with the charges.... 12p per text to send and 50p per text to RECEIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a con!!!!!!

Just a wee warning for u all :yes:
i know the bad thing is when you sign up it sends a msg to all the people in your email list that you have invited them and it wont stop sending emails, its crap.
Yup it does. And the annoying thing is, their Help system is not forthcoming with the "How to unsubscribe" :argue: :bawling: :no:
Gosh, thanks Snowy.

I've gotten that message from so many people but I never signed up because it sounded too good to be true. Turns out it is...gutted.
I got this email today -

"This is the third request. Should Snowy give up on having you as a friend in
her mobile friends network?

Simply click the link below to confirm your relationship with Snowy.
**link removed for ur own safety LOL***

Dont want to be invited by your friends? Click on the link above to block future
invitations from family and friends."

From "Snowy@invitation.sms.ac"

This is to do with the sms account right? Because this is very sneaky, continuing to try until they say yes... :/