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Food Standard Agency Sudanlist


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Nov 15, 2004
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's food safety watchdog advised people Friday not to eat some 350 food products that have been inadvertently contaminated with an illegal dye that could lead to an increased risk of cancer.
The dye, Sudan I, was in a batch of chili powder used by British tea and pickle maker Premier Foods Plc to make a Worcester sauce that was subsequently used as an ingredient in a range of soups, sauces and ready meals.

"Sudan I could contribute to an increased risk of cancer," Food Standards Agency (FSA) Chief Executive Jon Bell said in a statement on the watchdog's Web Site.

"However, at the levels present the risk is likely to be very small but it is sensible to avoid eating any more. There is no risk of immediate ill health," he added.

The FSA said it was working with the industry and local authorities to ensure all the foods are removed from sale. It advised people not to eat the products and to contact the store they bought them from for a refund.

The agency said a list of the affected food products can be found on www.food.gov.uk/sudanlist

kinda scary huh.. who knows what they are putting in any food nowadays with all this make food as cheap as possible to make as much profit as they can :\ could we all be eating cats and dogs or even rats.. and not even know it.. ewww eurgh im just not gonna eat anymore.. and live off my body fat.. infact i cant give up my polo addiction dagnamit... "eats some more polos"