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Find me a........

Here you go Jen, a very pretty goldfish.


Find me a brush tail possum.

Just the way the little blighters should be - dead and stuffed. No offense to anyone...really, it's our own fault for bringing them into NZ to kill off our native birds, heh.

Find me a...

wee brown teddy bear
Here you go Jen,

Platinum and 18K diamond ring
4.66 cts
$30,000 (right)


Find me the worlds biggest chocolate bar.
Originally posted by Tiddlyjen@Apr 8 2005, 01:51 PM
Potty my dear, considering you said "wee" I decided to find a scottish-esque wee brown teddy bear....
voila!! [/color]


That is positively brilliant
Thank you for my ring Tia...*runs off and puts that on ideas/GET ME THESE THINGS OR DIE list for Dave

Im glad you like the wee bear Potty

Here\'s your choccie bar Tia!


Now....can someone find me... an animated picture of Lilo & Stich...
Find me a caring tallish blonde, size 10/12, good personality, gsoh whom is also a loving woman and dont smoke or like cats.. and is evil like me mwuahaha
... hahaha i bet yer all stumped now