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feeling down?


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Jan 27, 2005
well i guess i was just wanting to know if anyone else who has been or is pregnant had times where they just felt like crying for no reason and just felt down for no reason at all? I dont know if its because im close to having the baby but i have just felt really down for no apparent reason and i was wondering if being pregnant was why. So if you have experianced this in anyway through your pregnancy plz let me know
Awww Homestar, I'm so glad u posted here. There is no worse feeling in the world than feeling "blue" for no appparant reason. But just think of the light at the end of the tunnel... for u.... ur baby.

And all of us here will try to support u, and offer advice. Please feel free to post if u need to get things off ur chest. It does help to share!!

Perhaps some of the other mums and mums to be can offer advice to u

Thanks its nice to know i have somewhere to go if i am feeling down. I quite often write when i am down and having people there to read it and help you through it makes it so much more worthwhile. I dont really have anyone out here in the real world to talk to so talking to you guys would be such a help to me.
It's a pleasure. I'm sure th other girls agree when I say, we are all here to help and support in any way we can.... amongst the giggles we share with each other!!! :groovy:

Feel free to post :star:
Don't worry its totally normal, not so much in this pregnancy but when I was pregnant with #2 I spent most of my time towards the end feeling really down, its the hormones!!
Heya Nikki, Homestar asked me to add her baby's due date to the calendar. Would u like to do that same? We'll see if they arrive when they are expected :yes:
Crying for no reason was what I did all throught my 1st, Real stressed and felt blue all the time, Try to do something for yourself to make you happy, like a bath, or whatever makes you feel special, but it is normal, just becareful if you feel like it after the baby is born. :flower4u:
Thanks i will try that
yeah i will make sure i keep track to make sure i dont feel like it afterwards hehe
totally normal i had it on all three its your hormones they are all over the place you are most likely to get it afew weeks after birth too whilst your hormones settle back down again.
Make sure you get plenty of help don't turn anybody down if they offer to do something for you because they think you can do it all yourself and dont bother offering again

I'm feeling rubbish at the moment. Its at the stage now where I just want it to be over and for it to come out. I'm hoping it drops within the next week or so, at least then I'll be able to breath properly
Hope yours comes early

Midwifes thought i would be delivering at about 34 weeks with the twinges and stuff i was having

Not a chance she was 12 days late and weighed 9lb 1oz

I have had three kids and not been able to start myself off once

Tried everything fresh pinapple raspberry leaf tea walkin curries sex nothin works

Think they prefer bein in my belly havin loads of coke cheese cakes cream cakes and chocolate

Its just trying to loose the excess weight afterwards

:flower4u: Good luck :flower4u:

Yeah, I'm hoping it does come slightly early but I don't know. My second son was born at 32 weeks and my 1st son was 4 days late
Don't forget that at every stage of pregnancy your hormones and chemical balances are altering and this in itself can make you weepy, tired, stressed, even darn right angy and grumpy.

You should expect to experience every mood swing in the spectrum during pregnancy it's a very big thing your body is going through and it affects everything.

If your due soon you should near delivery start feeling a surge of energy and also an uplift in mood as your body hormones prepare you for delivery.

Relax and enjoy it and take every mood as it comes and you have the perfect "well i'm pregnant" excuse if you wanna rant, cry or just be generally temperemental lol!

Good luck!