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Ever cut urself shaving?


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Sep 10, 2004
Ok, so I went in the bath tonight, and whislt there thought i would defuzz my arms and legs.... as we women do.

Shaved my arms *la la la de da la la*

SHaved my legs *tum te tum te tum*


WHY oh WHY does it have to hurt so much when u cut the delicate area around ur ankle...... and WHYYYYYY does it have to bleed so darned much!!!!!!

*feels better now ahhhhhh* :lol:

Awww Snowy! *laughs*

I've never understood how people have trouble with ankles!

But KNEES on the other hand. Knees are horrid to shave!

*pokes potty with a stick*

hahaha potty!!

Ankles are the worst part for shaving :( Knees however, are simple!!!!!!

Dont u just love the feel of newly shaved leggies tho? Soooo smooth!!!!!! hehe!!! :p :D

Yer! I spend the rest of the morning rubbing my hands up and down my legs :p

I feel like shaving now just for that smooth feeling...

ick. I absolutely HATE shaving and do it as little as possible. Seriously, in the winter I go weeks without shaving! :p I never know I cut myself until I go to put lotion on afterwards and my legs sting from all the litle nicks. :(
Ok its either a bad shaving cream Shaver or its ur ankles are too rough i know this things buy smoother for ur legs It happened to me before
once, i cut the back of my ankle whilst shaving. it was a brand new ravor, and i didn't even feel it
it wasn't until my mother yelled: 'ROWENA! YOU'RE BLEEDING AND LEAVING A TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE FLOOR! CLEAN IT UP NOW!!!!!!' my uncle was there and he said i should get a safety razor. then my mother told him i use a saftey razor