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Ebay wierd finds!!


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Sep 10, 2004

What's the wierdest item u have seen for sale in ebay?

Genuine woman's fart

This fart has been produced in the home whilst in clinical surroundings, by a woman who is not ashamed to admit that she farts, but she does wish to be name-less and face-less.

Every fart produced is unique as the odour is never the same.

If the fart gets loose, there is NO refund.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
there was once a stock and shackles and whipping station on EBAY in the Baby and Lifestyle section so mum and I as a laugh had a look @ some of their other stuff for sale and they had hospital restraints!!!
lmao kinky
I haven't the links for them but I do recall someone selling an air guitar. As in, there is nothing there but your imagination. And people had made bids on it.

Another was a girl selling herself as an imaginary girlfriend. She offered to write letters/emails as proof to the guys's family and friends. After 6 weeks they would come up with a reason to "break up" and she'd go away. Again, there were bids. I hope that made sense and not too stalkerish, heh.
*tears* *sniffle* *laughs even more*

some people Goddess... wehehehe ahahah its so cool...

*gets carted off to an asylum*
One person was selling a picture of the complete XBOX with 4 controllers and 2 additional games. People were paying high prices on it. LMBO!!
LOL ! Jelly baby siamese twins......bidding at 1p, QUICK only an hour left to bid