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Dry Skin!


New Member
Apr 8, 2005
It seems as though I'm suffering with chronic dry skin. I've never had such a huge problem with this before. I didn't think much of it in the winter, but it hasn't gone away yet. Usually by spring my skin goes back to normal.

I can't use anything too oily or harsh, because I'll break out (on top of the dryness). And anything else I've been using seems to be more of a band-aid than anything.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post them.


Me too, best thing I've found (so far) is pure coconut oil, it;'s not as heavy as vaseline so it doesn't feel greasy on your skin but it works wonders and you only need a tiny amount..PLUS it's dirt cheap.

My eyelids and just beneath my eyes have been really dry of late (as in, it hurts and my eyes look a bit red - my friends thought I was wearing makeup and then decided I looked stoned :S) and hemp dry-to-extremely-dry face cream has done nothing nor has anything else. Vaseline stops it *looking* dry but doesn't fix it. So I'm off to the doctor tomorrow. I'll let you know what the doctor tells me and whether it helps.
Oh dry skin!!! The pain of a lot of people's lives!!

Personally I have eczema... in the most unusual places... eyelids, inside my ears (yes, inside :umm: ) behind my ears, on the palms of my hands, in the joints of my nostrils, inside my nostrils, and also in the usual places, elbow & knee joints.

The only thing I have found that helps me, is a cream called "Aveeno". I've used it on my a fair few times... but check with your doctor first!!

Let us know what works for you
Aveeno eh? I used to ezcema on my arm joints but I got a cream that worked wonders so I don't get it anymore. Before that, I used hydrocortosone cream, which I'm now meant to use on my eyelids (and hands) for a week. 1% concentration too, though she would ratehr have given me 0.5%. And to stop after a week because otherwise it's too harsh.

Lexi, do you wear any makeup or use any facewash right now? The Doc told me to lay off the face wash and just use normal non-perfumed soap 2-3 times a week and I don't wear makeup anyway. Maybe you could try that?
my skin is natural dry, so i always carry a tube of moisterizer with me, but at home i have a bottle of moisterizer/skin repair stuff that has aloe vera and vitaman E in it. it works wanders