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Do you think apps and stuff invade privacy too much?


Sep 25, 2014
There doesn't seem to be much privacy left if you are active on the Internet, right? Still, I hate the amount of permissions some apps require. Have you ever read through that stuff? Which item did you find the most shocking?
Actually I think google is the worst and while we do 'need' it for things I find it very invasive in how it tracks what you write or search for with ads, and also all your contacts too from your phone or email.

I hate how I get suggested Facebook friends from old emails I have had from people I no longer like or am in contact with.
Oh, I totally agree with you. I hate ads that pop up showing me things related to things I just searched or mentioned on a forum or in email. It's starting to feel like I have a creeper named Google. LOL

I don't think there is any respect left for privacy at all.

Apps want to do even more though (and some of them are connected with everything about you on Google).

Read the fine print some time on some of these things, guys, or don't be surprised if your phone turns itself on and starts doing stuff, lol.
It's a bit much as I have emails from realtors, agents and the like and I don't want to see them on my Facebook or contacts.

As I do lots of searches for random things for my novels, it keeps track of things and it has no interest to me, but a search should be private and I accept that it's hard to keep it private. I don't have many apps for that reason and I disconnected many on my Facebook too.
I try using the "search in private window" feature from Firefox, but that doesn't always seem too private either. I mean, I really don't have anything to hide, but that's not the point. It's my business what I'm looking at. I also share my computer with my kids. I hate when I've been searching for a gift, and then they use my computer, and know what I want to buy for them. It's annoying.

I just don't like the feeling of having every move I make watched, tracked, and analyzed. It does not create a "better user experience" as claimed.