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Do U Believe Me?


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Jul 4, 2005
Hey ok my grandma died 2 years ago and she were psychic she knew about when a plane crashed into a building in NY and washington two weeks before it happened
and now i start to think i am a physic 2
sometimes i see someone walking by me aroung house and stuff but other family members dont
and i can tell what happens who is the bad guy and good like in the last movie i watched i jus started watching and i knew one of charecters were bad even tho everyone else found out in the end
It's not a case of believing or disbelieving you. It's about how each individual feels about the spirit world.

Personally, I'm very much a believer. I have had experiences with both grandmothers after their passing.

This makes for an interesting thread!!
Ok, well...

I was 5 when my mum's mum passed away. I had gotten up one morning and told my mum that Gran had come to visit me during the night. Mum has never elaborated much but she told me this only recently. Apparently i told my mum only things that my gran would have known.

Also when my dad's mum passed away (she passed away in her sleep in their house), There were many experiences in the house afterwards.

In here living time, my nana used to visit her neighbour each morning, as she would walk past the neighbours window to get to the front door, she used to tap on the window to let the neighbour know she was on her way. The tapping could still be heard by her neighbour after nana passed. Nana passed away 15 years ago (gosh, time passes so quick)

In this house, my aunt (nana's daughter) now lives with her hubby and 5 children. The youngest of these children used to have a conversation with a woman she called "Flo", nana's name was Flora.

Another experience in this house, i had whilst babysitting for my aunt's kids. She had placed a baby monitor at the top of the stairs, as the youngest at the time was under a year old. Periodically i heard the opening of each of the bedroom doors in turn, as if nana was checking on the kids. (Nana had 10 kids of her own, so in her days had lots of checking to do!!)

All of these things stopped when my Gramps passed away (Nana's husband). I've never set foot in that house since the night i babysat.
Glad to hear it, cos I do not lie about such things
I totally believe. m dad passed away when i was 10 he has liver cancer nd mum looked after him at home. he died in our house and i know he is still there. There are just so many things that have happend that cant be explaind and ou just get this feeling like he is there.. i love it
I am probably the most skeptical person you will ever meet. I do not believe there to be any spiritual or supernatural realm. However, I think spirituality has been good for humans in the way that it gives them something to look forward to...even if there is nothing.
I think it is nice to believe that people who have passed on still spiritually 'haunt' the world, so that no one ever really fades completely.
However I do not believe it myself.
Last year, my friend's best friend died. My friend said that her bestie had told her "When I die, I'm going to come back and visit you as a kingfisher". Since, she died, my friend said that she's seen a kingfisher two or three times on days when she was feeling really really depressed - in town where there aren't any.
Im very much a beleiver myself..When I was about 9-10 yrs old this old woman sat in a chair in my room for a week..all she did was stare, I kept waking my sister saying " dont u see her?" But she never did..after a while it spooked me so my uncle said turn the chair around..I didnt ever see her after that..really weird, but I know she was there. Ive often seen a couple of family members die, then 3 days later they died..I also had a dream of this certain man, I was telling my boss at the time what he looked like he said OMG that was my Dad..so many things happen to us that Im very much a beleiver in seeing things such as this..I think its a gift we all have just comes to some and not others.. :flower4u: