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Dirty rings in the bath...


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Sep 10, 2004
Avoid oily beauty products in the bath.

Not only do they leave dirty ring marks, but they tend to make bath surfaces slippery and dangerous! :angry:

If you live in a hard-water area, make sure you rinse out the bath after each use. this will also avoid those dirty marks being left behind.

If a dirty mark does appear, wash it with a cloth dampened with white spirit.

You know us women, we like to be "clean shaven" in certain areas.....under arms and legs, tsk, what did you think I meant?! :eek: To get rid of rust marks left on the side of the bath from the shaving foam can, try wrapping a piece of sellotape around the bottom of the can!
Bicarbonate of Soda to is fantastic on stubborn marks on baths ....... do it once a month and see ur bath gleam ...... in between that blue cif is brill for baths and the smell is heavenly lol :p
Also girls, i found that lemon juice works wounders for cleaning the bath , and leaves it smelling lovely...
Ya, SS that does work good. Toelit Bowl cleaner mixed with AJAX is great for the tub rings and for the toelit. I always use it on the tub and toelit. Get's dirt out every time. Mix a little bit of AJAX with your mopping mixture and that works well also.
cillit bang works pretty well but rinse thoroughly after using it, you dont want any in your bath water lol!