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Sep 11, 2004
in my own world mostly
ok I haven't put a word limit on this cos I find them too restrictine

Me: Stubborn
FIERCLY protective of those whom I class as friends
Easy going (probably to the point of being a mug lol)
Very Private
Slightly nutty


I'm happy almost always, I like to mess around a lot lol tend not to get much work done if i am chatting (IRL or online) :lol2:

I have only a handfull of people I like to think of as "close" friends :friendlykiss:

I'm a very cuddly person, just as well I have an equally cuddly fiance!!

Takes me a while to accept people, and after being accepted, if my trust with someone is broken, it is extremely difficult/impossible to regain. :ummm:
Okay....... I'm adjusted, I eat four food groups, take longs naps and look both ways before crossing the street...oh and i get disciplined...yeah, she disciplines me real good...sometimes 5 times a day! With Bricks! uh-huh..in a pillow-case!

*snaps back into reality from Lilo & Stitch world :rofllmao:*

Im a 17 year old scottish gal plonked down into Australia, so that means I never tan....just burn :no2: <--- yes, that red :(

I've had a pretty tough life (my best friend Alice died when we were 14, it was four days after my birthday and only one day after my party [29th Sep 2001] and then my biological Dad Bob, died of a cancerous tumour on August 22 2004) why am I telling you this? because its what's shaped the person I am today...

I used to think the world revolved around me, and that everyone in it was below me, but now, I know my place in the world is just like everyone else's place. I also used to think that I would always be out of harms way, Alice's death sure yanked me back down to earth.

I used to think my Dad didnt care for me, thats why he wouldn't call me for 6 months to a year, or even a year and half and then call out of the blue out of guilt.I'd try and get mad, but he always made me laugh instead. Now I know the reason he didnt call; because some days the tumour that was lodged behind his left eye, was also placing pressure on his brain, causing unbearable migraines, the first tumour he had, was wrapped around his left jaw, he had to have surgery to remove it, when they took it out, they also took a portion of his jaw, and the entire nerve on the left side of his face, he could barely speak properly for 9 months...

If you haven't noticed, I detatch myself when things go wrong, when people get hurt, and I talk like a doctor or something, maybe it's fitting because I want to be a forensic pathologist when I grow up, maybe its just because I dont want to deal with death on a personal, emotional level...then again Ill have to in my job eh?

anyway, cutting to the chase and getting rid of the deep stuff...(theres a time and a place) My Dad taught me probably the most important things Ive ever learned, always look @ the good side of life, laugh when-ever you can, even if youre scared.

In the past year, Ive made friendships that I never imagined having, im so grateful for having them, and I've also seen friendships I never thought would break, be torn down...

Because of David, I no longer think about killing myself, he's the most amazing, romantic, beautiful person I know.... :agree: Im never letting him go... :no2: :hazzah: :friendlykiss: :flower4u:

Ok, the quick version...
I laugh constantly, I love kittens and puppys and baby animals (the fluffy sort) I love my friends, I love my family, I get PMS real bad :dance: yay for my family huh? :lol2:

I look really scary in the morning :spooked:

I love my Girl Power gals.... :D :grouphug: minus the stoppey poopey heads :no2:
and most of all I love my David, he's my soulmate, things feel too right to be true....
:loveu: guys!
:ty: for reading this :D
Jen xxx

oh...P.S I love cuddles too
P.P.S I'm the one people come to when they want to talk...Im like a priest in a confessional :lol2:
YEY Jen, I'm glad u got some of that off ur chest, i hope it helped a bit.

Apart from personal experiences (for obvious reasons), all these characteristics u descirbe, I think the others would agree.... everyone feels these things at some point in life. Ur not alone :hug: And moreso u will never be alone as long as u have all of us :no2:

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
Because of David, I no longer think about killing myself
David may have helped u, but young lady, this is mostly ur own doing :yes: U have become stronger and happier, that's why these feelings has grown less and less.

Just remember, everyone gets scared almost everyday in life. I'm not trying to patronise u, please don't think that, what I am trying to say is that, although u may feel very alone sometimes.... ur not.

Hey, here's a funny story to cheer us all up.....

Last night I went to meet my friend to go to the cinema.... I had to drive approx 10 to 15 miles to get to the cinema....I got lost in 3 villages between my house and the town where the cinema is. In the end I got so lost in the town, I had to call my friend and say "I'm in asda car park.... come get me"

now THAT is silly :agree: :lol2: :rofl:

Jen, for u :flower4u: :friendlykiss:

Thanks for sharing with us,

Snowy xxx[/b]

Hmmm, lets see.

I'm 16, short (though growing...*cough), live in lovely (gail-force-windy, torrential-rainy) Wellington NZ and will be in my last year of college this year. College, as in high school.

I make jokes about everything. It's more fun to laugh about something than cry about it. I probably don't take enough things seriously but I don't want to be unnecessarily sad. My friends tell me they go to me for laughs.

I love helping people and making them happy. Their happiness means everything to me and I would do anything to help someone :). I like to think that I'm good at helping people with their problems...haha.

I juggle, and go busking. I can juggle 3 balls, 4 balls, almost 5 balls, 3 balls with tricks, 3 clubs and tricks, 3 knives, 3 fire clubs. It's a lot less than it actually sounds. I do it with my best friend Annie. We can also pass clubs and have a wee 2 person-3club routine. Dad and I like the busking because it's our father-daughter bonding time but it seems like he's making juggling into a chore, checking that I've practised... It's heaps of fun with Annie though. Me and her are like this *finger twisty thing* ever since we met in 3rd form 3 years ago. I might post some pictures of us later :).

I love love love ancient history. And psychology is fascinating.

Um, yeah.

I think that's it.

I like hugs and cocktails (cocktail party for my 17th!), but don't worry, I am by no means a big drinker. I had half a glass of a gin and tonic and was red in the face...

i live in canberra AUS (AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI ;) )

im 14 almost 15 (feb) brown and black hair that curls into sort of ringlets naturally, ummm 5"7 and gorwing everyday ;) naturally tanned skin... brown eyes that reflect everything.. i swear to god you could use them as a mirror...

im normally a happy, fun, out going person, i am almost never serious unless i need/want to be :D but i tend to have a short temper since i bottle thigns up.... i practice psionics and wicca and i have a natural talent for psionics... one of the few thigns im good at ;)

i love to play piano and sing and hope to take the charts by storm some day (LOL) i love to draw and i excel in these areas and english in school.

i suck terribly at maths but i do well in everything else provided i have a tolerable class and a nice happy/fun teacher ;)

i love all animals and oppose animal cruelty and i dislike people who bag on others for being different or becoz they are deemd "uncool" ugh pigs...

i love to read anything with a good storyline adn tend to lean towards fantasy-ish books. and i love to play soccer :D

i think thats it from me wehe.... *runs*

huggles to you Jen ;)
hehe awesome-o Potty :D :D