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Discussion in 'Teens Section' started by Skye-12312341231-#1-me!, May 3, 2005.

  1. He's the guy who makes your cheeks go on flame!! If this is a secret crush, you hardly speak about him or to him. [​IMG] Only your best buds know who you crush on. He's the guy you just want to sit next to.
    He might be the guy that you torment the most!! [​IMG] [​IMG] No worries, he might (just might) consider this as flirting! [​IMG]

    Feel like your best friend won't understand what you're going through. You cant really tell your parents about your crush......... but ever wonder how that special someone feels about you? Here to spill your most embarassing moments that involves your crush and you just wanted to die. Share stories, please no names.

    Just reply if you want to.
  2. Chantilly

    Chantilly New Member

    haha... when I was 14, I kept seeing this guy around school and I thought he was GORGEOUS.... he was tall, had light blonde hair and I swear he looked a lot like Leo DiCaprio. I thought he was older than I was an totally out of my league.

    Anyway, I was chatting with this girl in the gym once, and he walked by. I told her I thought he was hot, and she said that she knew him. He turned out to be my age. Anyway, she ends up telling him I have the hots for him (after pointing me out, of course) and he finds me cute too.

    We ended up going out for about 7 weeks, I was devestated when we broke up and I lusted after him for 2 years after. Thankfully I got over him and went on with my life.

    Though we're not friends now, we do run into each other from time to time and always say a friendly hello. Funny enough, I still break into a huge smile when I see him. [​IMG]
  3. Tiddlyjen

    Tiddlyjen New Member

    I know you said no-names but you all know anyway so yeah...
    [​IMG] David & I had crushes on each other for about 3 years before we finally got together!I'd always go up to him and say HI DAVID!With a way over the top wave and he'd go HI JENNA back....so cute! And he'd walk over to Corey (my bestie) and go...oh my gosh...Jenna just talked to me! While in my girlie group i'd rush over and go oh my gosh David just talked to me!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Potholer

    Potholer Active Member

    [​IMG] That's so cute, TJ! You two sound perfectly matched, what goofballs [​IMG]

    I remember having a crush on a guy at school when I was...about 11 I think. He was a real hottie (all the girls loved him) but of course all the attention went to his head and he became ... not too nice. I hadn't seem him for ages and I caught up with him a few weeks ago. Still really Hott (with a capital and 2 t's) and he's funny and a really nice boy.

    Don't get me wrong, no crush now, just a friend [​IMG]. A Hott, funny, nice friend but a friend all the same [​IMG].
  5. fastchaz36

    fastchaz36 New Member

    [​IMG] Same here Jen, I had a crush on phil for 2 and half three years.
    The first time I met him was when I was pregnant With Chloe.
    WOW Instantly I knew that I wanted to be with him but he was in a relationship and so was I [​IMG]
    We became best mates and was for a few years, then he split up with his ex and for some reason we lost contact When I was pregnant with Kyle [​IMG]
    Then on the day Kyle was born, I came home after six hours, and there was a sound I reconized outside the house I went running to the window it was Phil [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] on his motorbike, He couldn't believe I had just had Him and was home already and my ex had gone out to wet his head and left me bymyself, Which was typical of him.
    The weirdiest thing was we was moving house 9 days later and if he had not turned up then I proberley would have never seen him again [​IMG]
    From then on he came down every weekend and then started to stop over saturdays (on the sofa [​IMG] ) The kids loved him coming up as they never got any attention of there real dad, As he was friends with my ex too. WAS not no more lol
    We used to chat every night on email thru my NTL box and we used to flirt like mad but nothing ever happened because he thought that I was happy with Jay. That was far from the truth.
    But anyway long story short I fell madly in love with him. Had to pluck my courage up to dump the other one without him kicking off. Took about 2 months in total to get him to back off a bit, In the end ended up moving to a different part of Nottingham, This was in October, Phil came up nearly every night from Leicster Most the time used to drive back, then started stopping over and in January he finally moved in properly and we got engaged this christmas and have a lovely baby Abi. [​IMG]
    He's the best thing that could have ever happened to me I could ask for anything better :flower4u: [​IMG]

    The kids class Phil as there real dad now [​IMG] and I love it [​IMG]

    Charlotte [​IMG]
  6. Tiddlyjen

    Tiddlyjen New Member

    [​IMG] thats awesome fastchaz [​IMG] Im so happy for you!
  7. My most embarassing time was:
    I was talking to my best bud about my special somebody. He walks by and my firend whispers to me loudly, " I know u like him," my crush turns and says who? My best bud says , "U," I was dumbstruck that she said that. A few days later, Leo( my crush) hands me his e-mail and demaned that I send him a mail. I did. Later on the web I read that Leo liked me to0! and was wondering what took so long until someone spilled the beans. I blushed, of course he couldn't see.

    Now we're saying hi when we're at school but we talk for hours on the phone, msn. Last night, he asked me to the Dance next year.

    I'm ike: What? Isn't a little early?
    Leo: Just making sure that some guy wouldn't ask you out.
    Me: Awwwwwwww.. No worries, no one would ask me out except you.
    Leo:........ What about Kevin?
    Me: He was so grade 6! You're the only one for me!
    Leo: See you tomorrow.
    Then he kisses me, just when my best bud and her other friends walked in. They still tease me!! [​IMG] hpmh! We go on mini dates now.[​IMG]

    P.S I know that I said no names but it slipped out, sorry!
  8. fastchaz36

    fastchaz36 New Member

    :flower4u: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr young love. Int it grand [​IMG] :flower4u:

    Charlotte [​IMG]
  9. Sometimes..... At least when you're young you have your parents to help build you up when you're broken through.
  10. Princess Pyro

    Princess Pyro New Member

    i don't like having crushes. i always end up getting hurt [​IMG]
  11. Awwwww. I feel sad. [​IMG] Are you feeling okay now? [​IMG]
  12. Princess Pyro

    Princess Pyro New Member

    i'm feeling great now [​IMG] thanx for asking [​IMG]
  13. Ur sooo very welcome!!!;)
  14. arwenpotter

    arwenpotter New Member

    Heh. I crushed on one guy for a year or so until I finally realised he was a horrid person lol. I'm not the kind of person who actually TALKS to a lot of guys... dunno why. But if it's Ryan or Sandy talking to me then it's easy enough to talk back because they're my mini mates and I don't like em ^^

    I also seem to have horrid luck when it comes to "men". 3 people I've liked we're actually either arogant or similar and the last was a cheater *rolls eyes* I have a good meaning to kick him.
  15. Princess Pyro

    Princess Pyro New Member

    i have a crush at the moment [​IMG] heh.....
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