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Cool pictures


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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
Got any really cool photos you've taken that you just want to share?

Here's one I took yesterday. It was upstairs from my parents bathroom. There are hills with houses behind our house and the bathroom has a corner window. Due to the angle of the light and the windows, the houses were reflected onto the window and the cloud was low yesterday. That probably didn't make sense, ah well. The bottom line is that it gave a photo that I'm very proud of because I usually suck at photo-taking.
Heya Potty, ur pic doesn't seem to have uploaded correctly, can u try again, or u can email it to me at weesnowbaby@gmail.com and I can fix it for u
Here's a photograph of an intruder I caught on camera after being away from the computer for only a few minutes.

Honestly you can't leave the comp unattended for 5 minutes these days