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Sep 22, 2004
I only have a year of high school left, so I've been thinking about college a lot. Where I'm going, what I'm going to major in, stuff like that. I'm staying local ( :noangel: ) and thinking of majoring in english-writing. I'd just like some feedback from the other teens around the site. Are you nervous? :eek:
actually i want to get to college quickly now lol coz GIbbs is gonna teach me guitar and highschool is sucky :p i can drop english and take up myth and legends in College and not waste a class on p.e. since i already do soccer outside of school.
Yeah, I've got one year of college left before university so I'm getting a bit nervous... :blink:

I've already decided which university I want to go to and it's away from home, which is what I want because, if there's any time to move out, then its when I go to university. My parents keep telling me how they're there to create independence not dependence so are encouraging me to move out, haha.

Basically, I'm working to save up money for it. My parents want me to have at least $4000 saved ready for it so then they'll pay for $5000 and I'll borrow the last $5000 (or so). Student debt here is horrid (students here have a collective debt of $7 billion....).

I'm still torn between doing something psychology and something history, both of which are so fascinating and I love. But I have much better marks in history, though that's jsut because this is the first year my shcool has offered psychology and the teacher is pretty shoddy so...

But yeah.

Oh and arwen, what is "college" for you? University? Here, school goes primary school (from 5yrs old to 12yrs - though sometimes intermediate goes from 10-12yrs) then college which goes from 13yrs to 17yrs then university. Which are you?


7 billion!! *jaw drops*

well ours over here is 5-12 (4-11 for me :D i should be in yr ten in a sense if i was still in malaysia-american schools ^^) is primary school then 13-16 is high school then 17-8 is college and then whenever and however long you go to uni for :D but for me ill be 15 when i graduate h.s. and 17 in college ehehehehe
Oh ok then, thanks.

That's a bit odd to have 2yrs at a separate school or whatever (but then again, we have that at intermediate...haha)

Ah well.


Excellent L :groovy: What kind of writer? Have u anything u could share with us - when ur famous we can say "hey, we knew her" :partygirl:
Originally posted by Jedi_chick@Dec 31 2004, 08:58 AM
I want to study Myths and legends!!!!! YAY!! I LOVE ancient history, and I wanna be a fantasy writer....*blushes*
I love ancient history too! It is this <-------------------------------------------> cool, so fascinating.
Originally posted by Snowbaby@Jan 19 2005, 01:28 PM
Excellent L :groovy: What kind of writer? Have u anything u could share with us - when ur famous we can say "hey, we knew her" :partygirl:
*Blushes* Yeah i have some stories i've written none of them are finished, or one is but its short but the one I am working on now is about 20 chapters so far, its kinda good or at least thats what they keep telling me. I would show them to u but i dunno where to put it. Otherwise if u really do wanna read it u can chek my site at fiction and Darkness!
I'd love to be famous...hehehe :twirl:
3 more months till im out of that so called "learning insatution"
10 days till my #1 choice sends me a letter
tis so stressful
but I'll miss high school. I guess I should start learning how to do laundry huh