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CoKe / Coca Cola


New Member
Apr 16, 2005
Planet Lottie
Coke or Coca cola is very good for cleaning loo's, even takes any limescale off and makes them sparkly clean! Makes you wonder what it does to your insides....
I'll have to try that, we're on septic pump-out so can't use chemicals here.

I know if I drink a lot of coke over a few days, I'll start to get stomach pains and spasms from it.
thats not kewl Tia!
Apparently if you sit a piece of meat in a glass of coke it's meant to dissolve it!
You can use it to clean necklaces and rings and stuff too, mum always does it and i have to say things do come up rather sparkly afterwards...although make sure yuo rinse them...dont do what i did and just dry them and put your 'jewels' back on...things get sticky!

(so0o0o blonde!)
If any of ya'll do fishing for a job or like to fish or your hubbies do then put a can of coke in the wash with the fishy smelly clothes and it takes smell out. Of course-don't forget your laundry soap and fabric softner too!!!