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Chilling Photo Shows Bombers Heading To London


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Sep 10, 2004
British police have released a chilling photograph of the four young men who bombed London last week which shows them trudging into a train station on the morning they detonated their explosives.

One newspaper said British officials had checked out one of the four last year but concluded he did not pose a threat.

As the investigation into the bombings continued in Pakistan and Egypt, Scotland Yard detectives published the picture in a bid to jog memories and garner more information from the public about the men's movements on the morning of the attacks.

The photograph, taken from CCTV footage, shows the men walking into a railway station in Luton, just north of London, to take a train to the capital.

The four are dressed casually and look relaxed, with their hands in their pockets. Each carries a backpack, thought to contain the bombs which tore through London's transport system during last Thursday's rush hour, killing 55 people.

The time code on the picture shows it was taken at 7.21 a.m. (0621 GMT), 89 minutes before three of the bombs went off in quick succcession at three subway stations. The fourth blast tore apart a double-decker bus nearly an hour later. Three of the bombers were young British Muslims of Pakistani origin, while the fourth was a Jamaican-born Briton. Two of them were teenagers, one was just 22 and the other was 30.

Pakistani security forces have arrested six men in connection with the bombings -- the most recent in the eastern city of Lahore, where they detained two men on suspicion of having links with one of the bombers, Shahzad Tanweer.

Tanweer had visited Faisalabad and Lahore during two trips to Pakistan over the last two years. Pakistani intelligence sources say that in 2003 he met a man later arrested for bombing a church in the capital, Islamabad.