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Sep 10, 2004
Hellooooo :wave2:

How is everyone? All well and healthy I hope?

Did someone say chicken? mmm licks his fingers and lips

Im dandy.. hope everyone else is too
We are all ok here Thanks Snowy.
It is the last week of school and my last day of my course tomorrow so I got loads of course work to finish today
whilst looking after two kids

Went to my sisters wedding on saturday which was good, and had some of Phils family around yesterday spent all day playing in the pool
and talking in the garden
So really we have had a good weekend

How's you Snowy?
Snowy is peachy thank you for asking
Glad you had a good weekend. Just think after this week of hard graft, you can then relax for summer.

Mine have just gone back today after 2weeks on holidays.

Jordy started her new preschool today, so fingers crossed we won't have the same problems here.
Originally posted by fastchaz36@Jul 18 2005, 08:17 AM
Yeah right
Gotta keep three kids ammused for nearly 7 weeks
chaz, that's the best bit about summer!! Endless time outdoord - PLAYING!!!!!!!

I loved the summer whilst I nannied, just pack up a day's bag and bugger off, not worrying about timescales etc!!!