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Change Ur Looks


New Member
Jul 4, 2005
If u could have a change the way u look to anything u want who would u like to be looking like??
Me ______Mariah Carey or Britney Spears
Great thread VoLcOmBabyBoox

Hope you don't mind, but I changed the title slightly, as personality and looks are very different... and we can split this into two topics

So.... what would I change about my looks? :umm: Well, to be fair, I'm quite happy just as I am, but I think I would love to change my hair. I'd love to have long hair, either straight or wavy.... but nice!!!
Im kinda happy with the way I am too
I think the one thing I'd change though would probably be how short my bloody torso is! I hate it! I feel like I'm just this BLOB with limbs!
Long hair does sound nice, I've been growing mine forever and always get to a certain point and cut it off again.

Going back to my before kiddie figure, and why as an adult do I still have to suffer pimples each month.
Id make myself attractive....somehow.....

Kinda like looking at a block of concrete, and trying to make a statue from it...lol
i would make myself alot thinner and make my nose smaller........ god i hate my nose it looks like i have beem smashed with a shovel or something hmmmm and i would give myself more managable hair
i wouldn't change anything about myself, except lose a bit of wieght. other than that i'm happy being me
the saying i live my life by:
"I'm not the prettiest, I'm not the smartest and I'm not the funniest. I'm just me, and I like who I am"
That's a great quote Princess Pyro, I think we could all tell ourselves something similar when we're down.