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Britney Spears


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Feb 21, 2005
Nottingham U.K
Britney wants to get a tattoo of her child's name after she gives birth.

The pregnant pop babe, who is due in otober with her first child with husband Kevin Federline, told viewers on reality TV show 'Britney and Kevin: Chaotic', that she wants the inscription done to commemorate becoming a mother.

She said: "I like the idea of the moment being captured forever".

Britney, 23, has also been making plans for the delivery of the tot later this year.

Insiders have revealed the singer has already reserved a lavish hospital suite in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as two rooms on either side of the room in a bid to ensure her privacy.
A source added to America's Newsweek magazine: "Britney wants white and yellow roses in the room when she gets there".

Earlier this year, the sexy singer hinted she is expecting a baby girl - after being spotted stocking up on frilly pink outfits.

The twice-wed star enjoyed an extravagant spending spree at exclusive Hollywood store, Petit Tresor, where she bought designer baby wear for a newborn girl

"She was buying a lot I don't think it was a present for someone else"

The Toxic singer also bought accessories including French, Italian and British designer outfits for the unborn tot and blankets and bibs in preparation for her new role