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Bomb Carnage In Egypt


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Sep 10, 2004
Bomb attacks at an Egyptian holiday resort have killed at least 65 people, with Britons feared among the dead.

Up to 200 other people were injured during the blasts in Sharm el Sheikh.

A group citing ties to al Qaeda - the Abdullah Azzam Brigades - has said it was behind the attack.

Early reports say at least three explosions hit the Red Sea resort.

The British ambassador to Egypt, Sir Derek Plumbly, said eight Britons were known to have been injured.

Of these, three were in hospital in Sharm el Sheikh while two had been flown by air ambulance to the capital, Cairo.

Sir Derek added that of the dead, 34 had still to be identified. He could not confirm if any Britons had died.

Among the other foreigners injured were 13 Italians, an Israeli Arab, a Russian, three Saudis, three Spaniards, a Turk, one Ukrainian.

British tourist Samantha Hardcastle said: "I have never been so scared in the whole of my life.

"The explosion we felt was very violent and the hotel we are staying in shook. It was absolutely horrific."

The regional governor said two car bombs and a possible suitcase bomb were responsible for the carnage.