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Birth control pill may be kept off campuses


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Sep 10, 2004
A state lawmaker wants to make it illegal for clinics serving University of Wisconsin System campuses to provide students birth control pills.

Rep. Daniel LeMahieu, R-Oostburg, said he has begun drafting the legislation because such services promote promiscuity. The bill would block campus health clinics from prescribing all birth control pills.

LeMahieu said he was outraged when he learned University Health Services, the clinic serving UW-Madison students, had taken out ads in campus newspapers urging students to get advance prescriptions for the so-called morning-after pill before leaving for spring break.

“Sometimes to get somebody’s attention, you hit him over the head with a 2 by 4,” LeMahieu said. “Here comes the 2 by 4.”

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh students said LeMahieu’s bill is nothing more than an outdated notion that would not stop students from having sex, but would make it less safe.

“People need to realize it’s going to happen and they need to promote doing it safely,” UWO senior Amanda Weigle said. “A lot of girls couldn’t get they help they need if birth control isn’t offered. The cost has gone up and insurance doesn’t cover as much anymore.”

UWO Student Health Center Director Diane Zanto said a variety of birth control methods – and information about abstinence -- have been available at the university since she was a student in the 1970s and that the clinics “try to give students a number of options in case they’re not comfortable with any one.”

“This certainly would be a step backward in terms of protecting the health of our young adults,” Zanto said. “Pregnancy also could get in the way of their academic and career pursuits.”

UWO sophomore Sarah Frank said it’s presumptuous of LeMahieu to propose this bill on the theory that access to birth control promotes promiscuity.

“I think, no matter what, college students will do what they want to do. It’s really judgmental of him to think anyone in college having sex is promiscuous,” Frank said. “People could be engaged or in a long-term relationship.”

All I can say is.... What century does this guy live in?!

Seriously, people will have sex whether he gets this approved or not. Does he really think that by making the contraceptive pill illegal, that these students will not have sex?!

If it goes forward... in my opinion, it will encourage more unwanted pregnancies than there may be at present. I find this quite ridiculous!

What do you think?
I dont understand what is goin through this guys head. We have enough teen moms and moms doin the raising on thier own and some cant handle it so we have many that are in the system. I think schools need to promote safe sex even if it means a COLLEGE has to provide the condoms,......
Perhaps, being from a younger generation, I have a different opinion.

I don't understand why he/they are so against teens having sex. Or why so against the campus Providing contraceptive.