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best friends


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Sep 12, 2004
right moan time snowbaby, sorry, i need to get it off my chest and here goes, you can delete this once i have typed it. i just need to get it out of my system, and here is the best way of going about it.
I started being friends with a girl called lets say her name is Lisa, its not but you never know if she will read this, even tho i would love to tell her how i am feeling.
Well Lisa and I met in the 1st year of school,have been friends for a long time, as i am 38 next month, and yeah i know, this sounds school girl stuff, well a few years ago, i got cancer, all my other friends all rallied round and helped me, hugs and cuddles, nope nothing from lisa, until one day, she went out with her other friends and met this guy, she is married with three children,well from then on, as i was single, she used to meet him round my house,her husband found out and she stopped the affair,and i feel like she stopped her friendship with me, her husband dont like me,and never has, but since i let her use my house to meet this guy, he hated me even more,so lisa decided to tell me that he hated me, well you dont really go somewhere you are not wanted,so i went round there when he wasnt there, and if i was there when he came home, he would sit over the road in his car until i left,one day i went to lisa's, and she told me she wasnt feeling very well, i chatted for ten minutes, feeling like i was talking to my self,and then said i am going to go now,lisa said you know the way out i cant be bothered to show you out, i left, and havent been back, but we both go in the same room on the internet, and we say wd and ty, but if i dont start a conversation, she dont, and she makes comments like, i am going out tonight with my hard drinking mates, i feel i used to be a mate we have the same circle of friends to, so gossip is... i try and not talk about her,but its getting really hard, i phoned her after christmas and we spoke for half hour,she says she is always working, well if you can get 30,000 points in a quiz room, you cant always be working,there has been loads of times she could have invited me out, but she hasnt, and then the straw that broke the camels back is, i forwarded a text i was sent, if you replied you classed yourself as being a friend, and loving that friend,i sent it to her, and she replied saying, i decided not to do your friendship test, i am too busy working, it proberly took her longer to text that than to have returned my text, so now i am reading between the lines, and thinking that she doesnt class me as a friend any more, and she dont love me any more? my question is what is the difference between a friend and a mate !!
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right moan time snowbaby, sorry, i need to get it off my chest and here goes, you can delete this once i have typed it. i just need to get it out of my system, and here is the best way of going about it.

First of all, I'd like to say I'm really glad u came here to have a chat, Secondly, we will have NO sorries here missy!!!

This section is for this purpose.... to let off steam. We all need it once in a while.

Okies tiggs, This is harsh, I apologise if it offends u......

Sod her!!!
Ok let me rephrase, if she doesnt want to bother her backside with u.... why the hell should u worry over it?? Like i said sorry it was harsh.

Through ur cancer treatment, perhaps she simply did not know what to do or say in order to help u, but that's no excuse not to "be there" for u at all. In my opinion, a time like that, is what would show ur true friends.

U know what I think u should do, get urself out.... without her..... get out and bloody enjoy urself!!! As for the quiz room.... u have an ignore user function!!! Use it!!!

Or.... come and use our Quiz room :umm: Quiz Room Topic There has been a fair few users in it the past week as it's been advertised elsewhere.

One last thing, u have my email and MSN, use it
Well said snowy.

Tigger it IS harsh but a friendship is only worth fighting for if the other peson is gonna put the effort in too...........if not you are just gonna make yourself feel a lot worse.

A friend = Someone who will ALWAYS be there no matter what

I'm with Snowy and T.

You could always confront her about it. I know that's hard. I suck big time at confrontation and spent a year being angsty/upset because I couldn't get up the guts to confront my best friend about our friendship. but it all paid off once we did.

Talking is the best medicine

Otherwise, I'd say she isn't worth it.

Cheer up darl, I hope it helped to get things off your chest

yeah i mean me n thistle haven't seen each other much lately but she knows that if she ever needed me or had any problems i'd do that 170mile trip in 2n a bit hours instead of 3!