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Being Ignored


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Sep 11, 2004
in my own world mostly
I'm pretty sure eveyone has had it at some point...but how bl**dy annoying it is when someone you thought of as a good friend just starts blanking you?

One day = good mates, next day = nothing.....silence.

It's pretty obvious it's something I've done/not done, said/not said but I'll be damned if I can think what it is.....and unless I get told I can hardly do anything to make amends.

So I have 2 choices....

A- I can keep trying to get them to speak and find out what is wrong....and keep getting ignored


B- Say "Sod it, I'm past caring now" (actually I'm pretty much at that stage already) Why should I make the effort just to get ignored and made to feel like crap?

For the moment I am going to settle for taking my temper out on my rug which is badly in need of a good old beating outside to get rid of all the dust and dog hair.

*rolls up sleeves*
No likey that either
Makes me sad.

*hugs you*

It hurts when someone does that, I know. They'll get over it though, if they're ignoring you, then it's their problem and you should just wait it out until they're willing to grow up and act their age instead of punishing you for something you're not even aware of.

That probably sounded harsh. I hope things are better now though?

yeah, sodding it is the right attitude bubs, if you havent done something wrong, dont be the person trying to fix it is what I say!
hope ur alright now though


Jen xxx