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Been Away


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Sep 15, 2004
I was away in Newcastle for the weekend(left Friday @ 6.40am and got back Sunday evening)I went to pick up my copy of a book that I am in the thank you section of...had a great time...went to Pizza Hut on Saturday night and ended up getting food poisoning...trouble is that I have been to places abroad like Tunisia and never got it...but stay in my own country and I get it...whats going on with this country?

Sorry...just feeling bored and ill...
Ohhhhh ACG.... I feel for you sweetie, I had severe food poisoning in April and May of 2001.... from Scotland!!!!

And oh my god, let me give you advice, if you are throwing up for more than a few days, see your doctor. I went for a week of thrwoing up, until mum begged me to see my doc, all he did was give me some meds via small injection. Instantly stopped the vomiting.

If it's of any help, I was told to starve myself for 24 hours, to get all the food out of my system, and then start eating plain foods like scrambled eggs, and toast.

Just make sure you are drinking water.
Thanks guys...Im just totally drained.

I've got Kaolin and morphin which is stopping me from throwing up...I just feel sick...and as for water...I think its coming out of my ears...
The second time I had it, I couldn't even keep water down. Even just a sip came straight back up. It's so horrible

Make sure you get hubby to wait on you hand and foot