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Beckhams to sue former nanny


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Sep 10, 2004
David and Victoria Beckhams are to sue their former nanny for breach of confidence over allegations about the state of their marriage.

The celebrity couple have decided to launch legal proceedings following claims by Abbie Gibson, 27, in the News of the World.

They are also taking legal proceedings against the paper, which is already the subject of legal proceedings over the Rebecca Loos affair.

A spokesman said: "The Beckhams will be commencing legal proceedings against their former nanny, Abbie Gibson, for breach of confidence.

"They will also be applying to the courts to amend their outstanding action commenced last year against the News of the World to include all of these issues by way of seeking aggravated damages."

The Beckhams' legal team failed last Saturday night in an attempt to get a High Court injunction against the nanny, claiming that she was in breach of a confidentiality contract.