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Baby Check-in


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Sep 10, 2004
Hello ladies :wave2:

For all those of you with babies/young children.... tell us about them!!

How are theydoing? What ages and stages are they at? Learned to do anything cute or devilish of late? Crawling yet? Walking? Giggling?

Share, we like to know!!!!!!
Me is a very proud mummy

Some of you may know I have a nine month old daughter(just 9 months)

I put her into her cot earlier as she was supposed to be going to sleep, usually she rolls around all over the place and eventually gives up so I just put the monitor on and leave her to it

Was about 7 pm was just putting Chloe and Kyle to bed they went up first whilst I grabbed the potties ( No upstairs toilet
) All I could here was Kyle laughing his head off and both of them shouting me, (usually they are screaming at each other lol)

Anyway goes up stairs turns round the corner and she was there two eyes just peeping over the top of the cot bed aaawwwwwwwwwww She looked so cute Legs not wobbling or nothing she looked so grown up

But of course now each time i leave her and I think she is asleep, the little madam keeps standing up and she thinks it is very funny so tomorrow mornin I am going to have her standing up steering at me as soon as I wake up
Noooooooooooo lol She likes sitting up when I am trying to get her nappy on. Or ripping all the baby wipes out of the pack or chewing on her new nappy and not letting go

But most of the time she will do all of them
Jordans not a baby anymore but I thought I'd update here.

We started her in a new pre-school a couple of weeks ago and the change in her compared to going to her old one is unbelieveable.
Jordan loves her new school and comes home telling us all about everything she's done.

It's a very structured place, like big school and she's started to write her own name and sing all the songs she's learnt at home. It's such a difference to the hysterical child whenever the name of the other school was mentioned. She looks forward to going to her new school and doesn't cry or anything when I leave her.
Tia that's fantastic!!!! I'm so pleased for you. It must be a weight off your mind as well. So glad she's happy there
My 3 are all doing great, Eden is getting so big so quick I can't believe she is 4 months old already! I am so ready for Ben to be back at school though, hes had 3 weeks of his holiday and I've still got another 3 weeks to go, I can't cope with all 3 of them at home together. We are going to have to think about enrolling Joel in nursery soon, he can start either after easter 2006 or in the september. I'm thinking september because he will have only just turned 3 easter and i don't think he'll be ready for it
he should be ready kyle was three in april and he as had to wait till this september to start and he doesn't like waiting we all thought he would be in easter be he just missed out

he cant wait to start and i cant wait either

we have had three weeks off too they keep fighting and arguin
next minute best mates
but im still left with an headache lol