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Anyone Got Ideas For A Tattoo?


New Member
Feb 21, 2005
Nottingham U.K
Hi gals n guys me again

I am after a tattoo of all three kids names Chloe, Kyle and Abi on the bottom of my back. I like the tribble tattoo's so id like the names to somehow go with it, but not sure how to have it

If anybody as got an ideas, maybe have seen something on a site that i might be able to use or get an idea from.

Or any other type of tattoo for the back does not have to be tribble
Umm have you got a picture of a tribal tattoo that you want it to go with and i'll see maybe i can do something lol then just print it out and get the guy to trace it and stuff. Maybe i can just come up with something myself :\ *shrugs* lol
What about those celtic and tribal suns you know what i mean? All in black and grey (or just black)... curvy flames with the names inside that????
I dunno tattoos aint really my thing lol.. but i just thought it should be in two bits so that the names can go inbetween but leaving enough space incase you have another kid
then you can add them lol you dont want them to feel left out

i found some you can look at.. even if you edit them or ask me to like do it lol just so you can see what it looks like
Click Here
Aye its smashing

Awww no more babies.. i want thirteen :\ saying that i probably wont have many lol

I found another site you can look at
Clicky Clicky

You can seperate it like so.. or umm you can try fitting text inside it.. depending on how big you like it