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Sep 10, 2004

What is Anxiety?
Anxiety (and, more severely, panic attack) is a feeling of apprehension, uneasiness, agitation, uncertainty and fear.

Symptoms include feelings of increased tension, helplessness, inadequacy, fear, distress and worry.
Physical symptoms may also be seen, including palpitations (rapid heartbeat), trembling, shaking voice, white skin, sweaty hands and inability to sleep.

How do you get Anxiety?
Anxiety can be caused by life changes or stressful events, or there may be no obvious cause.

How serious is Anxiety?
This can vary greatly and can be over a short or long term.

How is Anxiety treated?
  • Some patients have gained benefit from relaxation techniques such as meditation.
  • Supportive therapy may reduce symptoms through the reassurance of a supportive friend, relative or medical professional.
  • Other behavioural-type therapies can be advised and given by a trained specialist therapist; these include desensitisation techniques and cognitive behaviour therapies. The type of therapy that is recommended depends on the exact type and severity of the anxiety and its underlying cause if known.
  • Treatment with beta-blocker medicines (at generally lower doses than those used for high blood pressure) have successfully controlled some of the symptoms of anxiety, like rapid heart beat and tremor, thereby bringing some relief to the patient.
  • Benzodiazepines and antidepressants have also shown success.
After seeing this, it looked easily treatable really. I mildly suffer from this and I could use this.
If you suffer from anxiety it is worth exploring natural remedies and techniques .there are many herbs that have proven to be useful , st johns wort, valerian and skullcap. chamomile tea is good for calming neves ( bit of an acquired taste) .
Meditation and yoga are also something that is worth exploring as learning to breathe fully and with proper awareness can stop a panic attack in it's tracks.
Support from family and friends could be a good way to treat anxiety. There could be counseling or some kind of social activities to help deal with it. Nice and detailed thread starter, thanks for sharing.
My mom went through a period of anxiety where she was just not herself. She got some bad news about her sister being diagnosed with cancer and her mom and the same time so she just shut down. She went about a month without being able to sleep and eat until she finally went to doctors. She did take some medication but I don't think it helped, it was more like she felt better once her sister and mom got better.
I have a long history of panic anxiety. While i find that many natural remedies help me as well as meditation, mostly I just have to deal with it. I use to have attacks almost daily. Now I have them rarely. The main thing that has helped me is having some one to talk to and learning what is going to set off the attacks. The best thing that has helped me is learn when it is coming and walking away from what is causing it.
I have even tried treatment with prescriptions. I did not find them to be successful. Instead they seem to put me in a stoner haze to where i didn't care about anything at all. I didn't want to live my life like that. So I stopped taking the meds and just started analyzing them to pin point their cause.
I was placed on a medication once and one of the most noticeable the side effects was 'anxiety'. It was a living nightmare. I tried many things, but trips to the beach...just walking alongside the ocean with a loved one helped hugely.

Then someone told me about the natural remedy...called Rescue Remedy. I swear it saved my life, everything improved radically. Eventually we discovered that it was linked to the other meds and I was taken off it. But I would recommend Rescue Remedy and time out with loved ones...any and every day. (-: