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Anagram ur name!


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Sep 10, 2004
Anagram Site

Enter ur name into the above site, click search and see what anagrams it comes up with!!!

My real name is Fiona, this is what anagrams it found...
  • oaf in
  • fan io
  • ian of
good eh :/

For Snowbaby.....
  • yawn bobs
  • owns abby
  • snow abby
  • sown abby
  • sown baby
  • snow baby
  • owns baby
  • swab bony
  • swab by no
  • swab by on
  • bows by an
  • wan by sob
  • bow by san
  • sow by ban
  • sow by nab
It didn't find "baby snow" HAHA!!! Fascinating!!
:cry: oh my GAWD!!!!!!!
for my name:
"Anagrams for Jenna"
0 anagrams found
how bad is that!?
I typed tiddlyjen and it also said no anagrams found

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
....im out but if i use my second name (lee) then i can say eel :blink:

hee hee tie die
dit.... *coughs*....its a word :rolleyes: dit dot dit dot dash dit dit :whistle:
o0o0oh look what I found :twirl:
Dormitory = Dirty Room
Evangelist = Evil's Agent
Desperation = A Rope Ends It
The Morse Code = Here Come Dots
Slot Machines = Cash Lost in 'em
Animosity = Is No Amity
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
Snooze Alarms = Alas! No More Z's
Alec Guinness = Genuine Class
Semolina = Is No Meal
The Public Art Galleries = Large Picture Halls, I Bet
A Decimal Point = I'm a Dot in Place
The Earthquakes = That Queer Shake
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Contradiction = Accord not in it

This one's amazing: [From Hamlet by Shakespeare] To be or not to be: that is
the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows
of outrageous fortune. = In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our
insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.

George Herbert Walker Bush = Huge Berserk Rebel Warthog
George Bush = He bugs Gore
Ronald Wilson Reagan = A long-insane Warlord (or Insane Anglo warlord)
Ronald Reagan = A darn long era
Leroy Newton Gingrich = Yon Right-winger Clone
Margaret Thatcher = That great charmer
The Conservative Party = Teacher in vast poverty

And the grand finale: 'That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.' --Neil A. Armstrong = A thin man ran; makes a large stride; left planet, pins flag on moon! On to Mars!
i just thought id like to say that i put in arwenpotter and got 500 matches *jaw drops* :dance: :cool: :twirl: :partygirl: :hearts: :groovy: :eek: :haha:
hehehe i love smilies :p
Haha, 19 for my nick, Potholer -

hotel pro
help root
help or to
hole port
pelt oh or
plot hero
plot he or
plot oh re
opel roth
pole roth
pole thor
opel thor
let rho po
let hop or
let oh pro
lot her po
lot hop re
lot he pro
lot oh per

Oh, this is brilliant, just brilliant :lol: -
2 for my real name, Jennifer -

jeer finn
This is gonna be a LONG post, ppl!

Here's what it came up with for "Celestialina":

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
celestial ian 
alliances tie 
silicate lane 
silicate lean 
silicate lena 
silicate neal 
silicate en al 
alliance site 
alliance ties 
alliance et is 
satanic ellie 
entices ail al 
entices ali al 
incites ale al 
italics elena 
italics an eel 
italics an lee 
italics en ale 
elastic alien 
elastic in ale 
elastic an lie 
elastic an eli 
elastic en ail 
elastic en ali 
asiatic ellen 
elicits an ale 
license at ail 
silence at ail 
silence at ali 
license at ali 
cleanse it ail 
cleanse it ali 
antics ail eel 
antics ali eel 
antics ali lee 
antics ail lee 
antics lie ale 
antics eli ale 
incest ail ale 
insect ail ale 
nicest ail ale 
nicest ali ale 
insect ali ale 
incest ali ale 
client ail sea 
client ali sea 
entice lisa al 
entice sail al 
entice lila as 
entice ail sal 
entice ali sal 
entice is al al 
incite sale al 
incite seal al 
incite sal ale 
incite sea all 
incite as ella 
ascent ail lie 
enacts ail lie 
secant ail lie 
secant ali lie 
enacts ali lie 
ascent ali lie 
ascent ail eli 
enacts ail eli 
secant ail eli  secant ali eli  enacts ali eli  ascent ali eli  cities lane al 
cities lean al  cities lena al  cities neal al  cities an ella  cities en al al 
italic selena  italic seen al  italic san eel  italic san lee  italic len sea 
italic an eels  italic an else  italic an lees  italic en sale  italic en seal 
elicit sane al  elicit sean al  elicit lane as  elicit lean as  elicit lena as 
elicit neal as  elicit san ale  elicit an sale  elicit an seal  elicit en alas 
elicit en as al  castle ian lie  castle ian eli  elects ian ail  select ian ail 
select ian ali  elects ian ali  nieces tail al  nieces it al al  nieces at lila 
cleans tie ail  lances tie ail  lances tie ali  cleans tie ali  canals tie lie 
canals tie eli  seneca lit ail  seneca lit ali  seneca it lila  calais itel en 
calais tile en  calais tin eel  calais tin lee  calais net lie  calais ten lie 
calais net eli  calais ten eli  calais tie len  calais et lien  calais et line 
calais et neil  calais et nile  silica teen al  silica late en  silica tale en 
silica ant eel  silica nat eel  silica tan eel  silica tan lee  silica nat lee 
silica ant lee  silica net ale  silica ten ale  silica ate len  silica eat len 
silica tea len  silica et lane  silica et lean  silica et lena  silica et neal 
silica et en al  alicia nestle  alicia lest en  alicia lets en  alicia set len 
alicia et lens  antic elsie al  antic ellie as  antic lisa eel  antic sail eel 
antic sail lee  antic lisa lee  antic isle ale  antic lies ale  antic lise ale 
antic lila see  antic ail eels  antic ali eels  antic ali else  antic ali lees 
antic ail else  antic ail lees  antic lie sale  antic lie seal  antic ill ease 
antic eli sale  antic eli seal  antic is al eel  antic is al lee  clint asia eel 
clint asia lee  clint ail ease  clint ali ease  enact leila is  enact lisa lie 
enact sail lie  enact lisa eli  enact sail eli  enact isle ail  enact lies ail 
enact lise ail  enact lise ali  enact lies ali  enact isle ali  enact lie is al 
enact eli is al  cites alien al  cites lain ale  cites nail ale  cites lane ail 
cites lean ail  cites lena ail  cites neal ail  cites neal ali  cites lena ali 
cites lean ali  cites lane ali  cites alan lie  cites anal lie  cites lana lie 
cites alan eli  cites anal eli  cites lana eli  cites ian ella  cites in ale al 
cites an leila  cites an lie al  cites an eli al  cites en ail al  cites en ali al 
caste lain lie  caste nail lie  caste lain eli  caste nail eli  caste lien ail 
caste line ail  caste neil ail  caste nile ail  caste nile ali  caste neil ali 
caste line ali  caste lien ali  caste in leila  caste in lie al  caste in eli al 
elect sinai al  elect ansi ail  elect sian ail  elect sian ali  elect ansi ali 
elect ian lisa  elect ian sail  elect ian is al  elect lin asia  elect nil asia 
elect in alias  elect in ail as  elect in ali as  elect an ail is  elect an ali is 
canis elite al  incas elite al  canis tail eel  incas tail eel  incas tail lee 
canis tail lee  canis itel ale  incas itel ale  incas tile ale  canis tile ale 
canis late lie  incas late lie  incas tale lie  canis tale lie  canis late eli 
incas late eli  incas tale eli  canis tale eli  canis lit alee  incas lit alee 
canis tie ella  incas tie ella  canis it al eel  incas it al eel  incas it al lee 
canis it al lee  canis at ellie  incas at ellie  canis et leila  incas et leila 
canis et lie al  incas et lie al  canis et eli al  incas et eli al  since tail ale 
since late ail  since tale ail  since tale ali  since late ali  since tie al al 
since ate lila  since eat lila  since tea lila  since it ale al  since at leila 
since at lie al  since at eli al  since et ail al  since et ali al  caine islet al 
caine stile al  caine tiles al  caine list ale  caine silt ale  caine slit ale 
caine site all  caine ties all  caine till sea  caine itel sal  caine tile sal 
caine last lie  caine salt lie  caine slat lie  caine last eli  caine salt eli 
caine slat eli  caine east ill  caine eats ill  caine sate ill  caine seat ill 
caine teas ill  caine lest ail  caine lets ail  caine lets ali  caine lest ali 
caine its ella  caine sit ella  caine lit sale  caine lit seal  caine set lila 
caine ate sill  caine eat sill  caine tea sill  caine ate ills  caine eat ills 
caine tea ills  caine let lisa  caine let sail  caine let is al  caine it salle 
caine at ellis  caine et allis  caine et ill as  caine et is all  niece tails al 
niece tail sal  niece last ail  niece salt ail  niece slat ail  niece slat ali 
niece salt ali  niece last ali  niece its al al  niece sit al al  niece lit alas 
niece lit as al  niece sat lila  niece it sal al  niece it as all  niece at allis 
niece at ill as  niece at is all  scene tail ail  scene tail ali  scene it ail al 
scene it ali al  clean site ail  lance site ail  lance ties ail  lance ties ali 
lance site ali  clean ties ail  clean ties ali  clean site ali  clean tie lisa 
lance tie lisa  lance tie sail  clean tie sail  clean tie is al  lance tie is al 
clean it aisle  lance it aisle  clean it lie as  lance it lie as  clean it eli as 
lance it eli as  clean it is ale  lance it is ale  clean at lie is  lance at lie is 
clean at eli is  lance at eli is  clean et ail is  lance et ail is  lance et ali is 
clean et ali is  canal elite is  canal site lie  canal ties lie  canal site eli 
canal ties eli  canal tie isle  canal tie lies  canal tie lise  canal it elsie 
canal it is eel  canal it is lee  canal et lie is  canal et eli is  ascii lent ale 
ascii teen all  ascii late len  ascii tale len  ascii net ella  ascii ten ella 
ascii ate nell  ascii eat nell  ascii tea nell  ascii let lane  ascii let lean 
ascii let lena  ascii let neal  ascii let en al  ascii at ellen  ascii et allen 
ascii et len al  ascii et en all  isaac lint eel  isaac lint lee  isaac lent lie 
isaac lent eli  isaac teen ill  isaac itel len  isaac tile len  isaac tie nell 
isaac let lien  isaac let line  isaac let neil  isaac let nile  isaac it ellen 
isaac et en ill  slice natalie  slice anti ale  slice tina ale  slice ante ail 
slice nate ail  slice neat ail  slice neat ali  slice nate ali  slice ante ali 
slice late ian  slice tale ian  slice tie alan  slice tie anal  slice tie lana 
slice tie an al  slice ate lain  slice eat lain  slice tea lain  slice tea nail 
slice eat nail  slice ate nail  slice ate in al  slice eat in al  slice tea in al 
slice it an ale  slice at alien  slice at in ale  slice at an lie  slice at an eli 
slice at en ail  slice at en ali  slice et ian al  slice et an ail  slice et an ali 
cilia leanest  cilia steen al  cilia teens al  cilia tense al  cilia least en 
cilia slate en  cilia stale en  cilia steal en  cilia tales en  cilia sleet an 
cilia steel an  cilia ants eel  cilia stan eel  cilia stan lee  cilia ants lee 
cilia nest ale  cilia nets ale  cilia sent ale  cilia tens ale  cilia lent sea 
cilia teen sal  cilia east len  cilia eats len  cilia sate len  cilia seat len 
cilia teas len  cilia ant eels  cilia nat eels  cilia tan eels  cilia tan else [/b]

There ya go. Exactly 500 anagrams.
Totaly! :lol2:

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SW (Initials of my real name)