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agency sues birth mother over failed adoption


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Sep 10, 2004
Easter House adoption agency is suing a Des Plaines woman and her boyfriend after they promised to give up the woman's twins but allegedly took the agency's money and disappeared.

The birth mother said Monday the adoption cannot move forward because of new information about who actually fathered her twins.

It is typical for Easter House adoption agency to pay the birth mother's expenses.

In this case, the agency claims the mother fraudulently took money.

The mother says there was no fraud but mistaken information about the birth father that caused the problem.
Vicki Oszaniec

Vicki Oszaniec gave birth to twin girls -- Elizabeth and Sophia -- February 19. She says she had thought the girls were fathered by her boyfriend Jerry Kolak.

After the girls were born, they resembled a previous boyfriend who is African-American.

Oszaniec, an 18-year-old waitress, had decided to give them up for adoption, but after they were born, the birth father wanted them. She says she gave the birth father full custody, canceling the adoption.