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Nov 5, 2004
lol sry this is another guy, i wont com back on afta this

theres a girl i sorda like and i danced with her at a dance
the next dance though she wouldnt dance with me, even after her friends pushed her to me like she liked me

shes quiet around me all the sudden now too

im confused!!! :cry:
Sounds to me like she is nervous and shy!

Hello insane_cow by the way ;) Good to see u joined the pink side of life!!
lol i have a friend who wonders why guys dont wear pink because girls can wear blue...

i also hope that she is only shy and nervous :unsure:
Why don't u casually suggest a movie to her? Ask her to go to the cinema one night. But don't make a big deal of it, play it cool, set her at ease. Who knows what might happen ;)

Gawd, I should be an agony aunt :D :noangel:

P.S. don't leave us :haha:
I know it's easier said than done. Do u have her mobile number? Email address? Go for the wimps way if so!!

If not, just chat, hi, how are u? What did u do tat the weekend? Up to anything tonight? Wanna see a movie sometime?

There u go, done and dusted :D
shes on cross country ski team and normal cross country team with me, sometimes we talk, but now shes more quiet than ever around me

im also lucky enough to have her as my lab partner in science :D
only thing i worry about is that she danced with me the first dance...

but then at the one after it even after her friends pushed her to me, i asked and she didnt want to