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Sep 10, 2004
Snowbaby - I'm Fiona.

Was born and brought up in Inverness, North Scotland.

I'm a trained Nursery Nurse. I have previously worked as a nanny for approx 4 ish years.

Currently, I live in Stirling with my lubberly husband, and our daughter.

Louise - 21 y/o (ish

From the Scottish Borders

Trained as a veterinary nurse and falconer altho currently shop management.

Well thought it was time for an update so as of june 28th 2007 this is me:

My name is Jen, Im completely in love with my boyfriend David, we've been together since we were both 16, Im turning 20 in September so i'm looking forward to that, I was enrolled in a teaching course at university but have since changed majors and will now be majoring in criminology and psychology, I cant wait to start next year so thats extremely cool and something most people dont know Im into that sort of stuff.

Erm...thats about it really, Im a nice person, not hard to talk to and all that jazz and generally just like hanging around with the people I care about most!

Hi, Im Subby (aka Love machine scott)

27, living in Scotland.... Originally from Australia..... Living with the lovely thistle.....

Am a network technician in Australia, who currently finds himself working in a supermarket in Scotland selling cigarettes and lottery....
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