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A little bit of this


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Nov 15, 2004
Well most times i just get bored and mess about in ps and see what i come up with.. its a good way for you think up new styles and helps in the learning process of using different tools and how to control them..

Well here is something i done just using the various tools in ps.. the overall quality may be a liittle poor as i saved it as a gif instead of jpg.. but what the hell.. its saves the transparency

Very Nice Bubbles. You'll have to make a tutorial for us

I always wonder how you make these shapes? :umm:
Well lol umm *whistles* you can download a Trial Version of the brand spankin new photoshop cs2 its 329mb though and its only a 30 day trial.. but if you speaks to me *whistles some more* im sure i can fix that for you.