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A few things


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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
Well, it appears the computer hates me, as I just wrote a big whine and it was lost *smiles*...

I hate how my friend A is really annoyed at my other friend K and wont talk to her about it. Instead she wrote a big moan in her blog and says terrible comments behind her back. Really not often (I've only heard her say something mean once)but just...the venom in her voice when she said it. Made me want to cry.

But what really annoys me is that I can't get up the guts to tell A to talk to K. Why can't I confront people?????? *headesk*

Also, I bloody hate how crummy another friend has it at home. Her parents split up years ago and they both remarried. She loves her Dad and gets along with him and his wife fine.
But her mum got married about 3 years ago to a real schmuck who she cannot and does not get along with. She wouldn't have that much of a problem if her mum and stepdad didn't fight. She said it, infact. It doesn't really matter to her whether she gets alogn with him but when her mum doesn't, that's totally different. And, fight, as in shouting and slamming doors. In fact, once she was woken up at 7am on a sunday by them shouting at each other, her mum ended up walking out of the house, as did she not long after. Why should anyone have to live with that?

She used tt live with her dad but he's moving up to Auckland and now she has to move in her her mum and stepdad. It's been one day and already she's gotten into a fight with her stepdad and has fully wanted to throttle him. Not to mention that often she isn't on talking terms with her mother.

And here I am with parents. a brother and a sister who love me and we all get along and she has to live with that. She's been cheated and it sucks and I can't do a thing to help her. Helplessness is a real dog

She'll be alright.

She as just got to get along with her mum and not worry about her stepdad at the end of the day her mum should be there no matter what.

Tell her she as just got to try and get along with him, she does not have to like him I'm sure she will be willing to give it a go just to be able to get on with her mum

Think yourself lucky if you are in a home where everyone gets along
try and be there for her the best you can when she will need a friend like you the most


She did say that she wouldn't mind not getting along with her stepdad if him and her mum didn't fight alot. She said something along the lines of "It's their relationship and it has little to do with me. It's their happiness that matters in this but it really seems like they aren't happy"

I guess the most I can do is give her hugs and let her unload.

Thanks for the help
Gutted that we didn't get to talk *sigh*

Yeah, it's better now. Well, there is a bit of a wedding/family issues episode that had her a bit upset but I'm pretty sure thigns are going better for her, at least for now it is, heh.

Thanks everyone for your help