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3 fears

Princess Pyro

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Mar 1, 2005
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ok, this topic is (duh) about your 3 biggest fears and where they came from.
my 3 biggest fears:
heights- i think this one is hereditary
coz my dad is terrified of heights.
spiders- they are just so icky and they have too many legs.
mimes!- i am absolutely terrified of mimes! i dunno why. they just scare me
drunk people - long story, but I just am!
water - I have almost drowned twice in my life already

spiders - obvious reasons
Needles : because they are sharp and pointy and things..

Death : because i'll be dead

Commitment.. :
i hate people getting close so i bat them away with my i dont freakin care anymore stick then i mash them up with my ok so maybe i do care but i dont want you near me mallet.. then i poke them in the ears with my gawd will you shut up i cant be bothered talkin to you anymore stick.

But most of the time people just bore me to death.. then im back to my second fear.. EEEK
Bubbles... get over it, do the decent thing and make someone a wife, and then get some babies on the go!!!

Your biological clock is ticking, my dear


p.s. go do the chocolate quiz, while your bored!!
Makin someone a wife and babies aint always the decent thing to do...

You know.. women are evil that nurse that done my blood test thingy today has stuck this plaster over where she rammed the needle into my vain and sucked all my blood out ( You'll feel a wee scratch she said.. A scratch with what i was thinking.. A scratch with a roasting hot pin yeps dragged deep into your skin) but anyhoo.. i think she superglued the plaster on.. because i cant get it off
i've tried bitting it and everything i think i'll leave it for the fear of ripping my elbow out while removing it.
Oops, did I have salt on my lips?


anyways... back to topic in hand.........

3 biggest fears....?
1, the sea.... because some stupid person(dad) let me watch "jaws"when i was a tiny little person!

2, clowns....because some stupid person(dad) let me watch "it" when i was a tiny little person!

3,moths.....they r just creepy with their fluffy wings and beady eyes!
1) Having something happen to Dave...
just thinking about it!
2) Flour (but that would be number one if it could be) it squeaks i tell you.....SQUEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3) Clowns
Originally posted by Little Princess@Apr 27 2005, 04:44 AM
3. porcelain dolls

1. Gristle. As in the chewy cartilege bits you get in meat sometimes. I have extremely bad luck with food (I got the sole piece of chilli in a whole huge dish once)and I am really really scared of getting gristle cos it's so disgusting and I tend to get it. I got gristle in chicken mince once. Chicken mince!

2. Losing people I love/becoming hated by people I love

3. The unknown. Whatever is in the dark that I can't see or guard against.
I think the fear of loosing someone is a common one because it's a human nature thing...when we create emotional bonds with people, we generally dont want those bonds to break (or be broken) because it will cause an "emotional hole" in us, and we will feel incomplete, or at a loss ourselves...

Can you tell I do psychology!?!?!
*ponders changing her title to Girl Power Shrink*
You do psych?? I love psych! I'm going to be studying it at university next year. not sure what branch though something to do with memory I think. You rock!

But don't let me get us off-topic...hehe