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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Discussion in 'Trekkie Girls' started by gossiplady, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. gossiplady

    gossiplady New Member

    Personally speaking: the definitive
    Star Trek series!

    I didn't want to like Star Trek: The Next Generation. I didn't even want to watch it because I felt it was a rip off of the original series that never got a chance.
    But the premise continued to reign, the stories were mostly excellent and the cast of characters was to die for. I think when all those factors come together, a series almost can't miss (unless you're CBS with "Moonlight"!).
    The only character I never really warmed to until the movie "First Contact" was Deanna Troi, and then, even she had me on her side. To this day, one of my all time favourite TV characters is "Data", because of the originality of his character and because of the brilliant portrayal by Brent Spiner.
    This is one DVD set that gets viewed...a lot!
  2. Orrymain

    Orrymain Member

    I love the original Trek the best but STTNG is easily second. Data was awesome which is why I hate the final movie they made and will never watch it again. Shame on them.
  3. Stavy

    Stavy Member

    Strictly TOS for me all the way.. I always felt that the characters in TNG were all rip offs... and they had such a hard time replacing Mr Spock they needed two characters to fill his position...
  4. Orrymain

    Orrymain Member

    I actually liked Voyager too. I thought Kate Mulgrew made a perfect captain.
  5. For me, each version of Star Trek had it's own appeal. At first, I didn't like Star Trek: Next Generation. But, about half way through the first episode, I was hooked. Though looking back on those early episodes, I can see how bad the writing was, especially for the first three or four years. My favorite Next Generation episodes happened during the seventh and eighth (and beyond) seasons. It felt like the cast was finally seasoned enough to know their characters and didn't have to just 'pretend', cause they were the characters. The story lines were better later on, too. As for the final Star Trek: Next Generation movie, maybe that situation can be undone with a shift in time for the next big blockbuster movie. They've done that before in TNG books, so why not apply it to the movies.
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  6. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    I feel so horrible that it's been so long since I've seen this show! I have many memories of staying up super late just to watch episodes over summer vacation. My favorite character was always Commander Riker... because he had a beard. But I also enjoyed the appearances of Q and I also liked Data.
  7. gothtini

    gothtini New Member

    I must admit, I wasn't going to watch this show at all. I was never a fan of Star Trek, never planned on being one. There was one reason I was going to watch it though, I wanted to learn more about various things I will be selling in my store. So, since TNG was on before Doctor Who on BBCA I started watching it. It only took a few episodes before I was hooked, as soon as I got netflix I started watching it all. I'm now done with the series and looking forward to watching another version of star trek. I must say though, I think this may be my favorite version because of Captain Picard. He was an amazing character played by an amazing actor.
  8. classy_ally

    classy_ally New Member

    I absolutely love STNG. I think Patrick Stewart is so sexy to be in his 70's. I love the mystery and special effects. I really don't like the regular Star Trek. I guess the graphics look cheesy.
  9. Parker

    Parker Member

    I am a fan of the original Star Trek, but not the Next Generation. My favorite incarnation was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I loved it. It was definitely a grown-up Star Trek. Also, the father-son relationship between Captain Sisko and his son was one of the best ever on television.
  10. Desmond

    Desmond New Member

    I think TNG wast the best of them all.

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