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Restless Baby

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Parenting' started by Sezza, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Sezza

    Sezza New Member

    Does anyone any tips foe settling a restless baby. Up until aabout a week or so ago Lily was a great sleeper and hardly ever cried now she crys heaps and barely sleeps at night. I feel guilty because im feeling very short temperd and quite miserable and i dont know what to do. [​IMG] To be quite honest i haven been feeling to crash hot at all and that makes me feel worse cause of the way im feeling.

    any tips will be appreciated thanks guys [​IMG]
  2. Tia

    Tia New Member

    I know it's early but could she be cutting teeth? One of mine cut their first one at 4mths.

    Don't feel guilty about the way you're feeling, we're all human and have been there or will one day have to face raising a child. It really is the hardest thing in the world.

    Lily may also be picking up on you not being well, maybe a trip to the doctor for both of you to make sure your healths ok. :flower4u:
  3. Sezza

    Sezza New Member

    Thanks Tia my first though was teeth to cause she is chewing on everything dribbling everywhere.

    It's not so much as me not feeling well i think im just mentally exhusted which is making me feel down. oh well i'll get through it.

    thanks heaps :flower4u:
  4. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Heya Sarah,

    how is she doing now? Any teethies? [​IMG]
  5. Sezza

    Sezza New Member

    no teeth yet but they are coming she hasnt been to upset or anything but god does she dribble and she has a hard bite on her lol. she bit her lip that hard the other day she made herself bleed. i dont know how long it take for teeth to come through but im sure she is teething
  6. mommy20012004

    mommy20012004 New Member

    Sounds to me like she is teething. And when someone tells you after the first one its a breeze not always true. My baby girl is going through the same thing right now I need a nap!!! They have lots of stuff to try for teething babies if you interested I can get you some information. Good luck!
  7. nikki

    nikki New Member

    Yup like everyone else said, shes probably teething, Edie is starting to teeth too I think, oh joy!

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