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Prude ??

Discussion in 'Come in and have a moan!' started by riado, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. riado

    riado New Member

    So I'm having a bad week; I got called a prude a few weeks ago by friends, and I know that It is not supposed to bother me but I just feel like there is something wrong with me sometimes.
    I actually, have already kissed a few guys and even got to second base, but I tend to keep it to myself. Plus, my friends are more on the wild side, and I get made fun of and blamed by some friends for being too uptight and stuff.

    It is just that I can't get it on with anyone unlike my best friends, I'm too picky but I just want to let go.

    One of my best friends is always mentioning my lack of love life and or even sexual for the matter, and I kind of feel like I hate her. I know I don't really mean it, but I'm on the verge of tears right now.
    We often say that we should cut out toxic people from our lives, and the ones that makes you feel bad about yourself. But In my case, we would talk about half of my friends.

    May be I'm just oversensitive and being a baby.
    Pathetic, I know.
    I wish I could be strong.

    Thank you for your time girls!
  2. Margit

    Margit Administrator Staff Member

    Do it in your own speed and dont let others take command over your life and how you want your life. Do the things you want, not the things others want you to do.
    And for me its better to have 3 good friends than 30 bad friends.
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  3. riado

    riado New Member

    Thank you so much! I seriously should stop taking in consideration other people's opinions...
  4. Gabriellea

    Gabriellea Active Member

    Being by yourself is better than having these negative people around you. It's your life and it doesn't matter what they think. Peer pressure will always exist so you need to learn to switch off when it's negative.

    Do what feels right for you and not for others.
  5. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    That's why they call it peer 'pressure.' Try not to let the pressure get to you though. You have to choose what is best for you and not let these so called friends push you into things you aren't ready to do. Take your time. Enjoy your life. Do what feels right for you, when it feels right to you.

    Think of it this way... do you want to waste a special moment on some random guy who isn't important to you just so your "friend" won't call you a prude?
  6. GoSenseless

    GoSenseless Member

    Man, people can make any behaviour sound insulting -- you're a prude or you're a slut or a bitch or frigid... Bad-mouthing is not something that people should take power or pride in, and yet they come up with this sort of crap all the time. I lost my virginity a week before I turned 20 and I felt like I was too picky many times, and like I could not partake in all the raunchy gossip and all. Three years later, I don't think it really made any difference. And the most thrilling part was the moment when our hands were touching, timidly, testing the water and seeing if the feeling went both ways. Seriously. I don't think there is pride to have in having a lot of sex, or no sex at all -- the pride should be in knowing what you want and refusing to compromise on what you value.
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  7. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    That's a good post, @GoSenseless. I especially like your last line.

    It's absolutely ridiculous how some people insert themselves into the most personal aspects of our lives, as if they have a right to do so, or a right to try to influence our choices. They should get over themselves.
  8. danielledavidson

    danielledavidson New Member

    I really hate how judgmental some people are. I mean who cares if you don't want to go any farther with guys. It's your own business and not anyone elses. I mean for the most part I've never had anything like that happen to me where I live. I did have it happen with a guy that I was dating. He would call me a prude after we broke up because I didn't want to have sex with him and I was either 13-14 and I just think that's too young. That wasn't something that was on my mind. I know that it hurts because your good friends said that, but just don't even worry about it. The rule that I like to live by is in 10 years will this matter? If not, I let it go.
  9. GoSenseless

    GoSenseless Member

    I think people are judgmental partly because they either feel touchy/attacked/insecure when someone lives in a lifestyle very different from them. I've seen it happen about religion, sexual choices, activism, veg*ism... If someone who makes choices that require self-control or any kind of rigidity say what they do, even without any bragging or judgement from their part, others feel like they have to either defend their own opposite choice or attack this unknown behaviour. It's uncanny.

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