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Music: What's your favorite song?

Discussion in 'LifeStyle' started by Zynni, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    I have lots of favorite songs actually, as many of them are favorites for different reasons (and I like nearly all kinds of music). Some remind me of friends, of people, or of events. Some are all about the love of my life, my husband. I guess my favorite is still "Wonderful Tonight." We danced to it under the stars when first dating.

    What's your favorite song?
  2. Gabriellea

    Gabriellea Active Member

    I have a playlist of favorites for various moods, but Moon River is a favorite, most versions including Audrey Hepburn's, Henry Mancini's instrumental version and the one with voices. I always find it calming and reminds me that life is a journey that we explore with bumps along the way.
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  3. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    Yeah, it's hard to choose just one song overall. Music is so varied that it does kind of depend on the mood. Some days, I could listen for hours and just feel good. Other times, I'm too sad to listen to much music. It's interesting how it can affect us.
  4. Vidushi Goel

    Vidushi Goel New Member

    I like all type of Music ♥

    I feel that Music is in my Blood.

    Still, if I have to choose, I choose Hip Hop.

    "Umeed" by Bohemia from Skull and Bones Vol.2 is my all-time favorite!

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