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Mother-in-law or Monster-next-door?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Ka-blooie, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Ka-blooie

    Ka-blooie New Member

    Ok, I exaggerate (slightly).
    For the most part my M-I-L and I get along tolerably, but lately it's more of a struggle.

    Just for background - Hubs and I dated 18 months before I met M-I-L, I lived and worked some distance from his hometown and since his job was freelance he could spend some of the week staying at my place. This did create friction because Hubs was no longer at her immediate beck and call, but he's a good son and did his utmost.
    He proposed, I was promoted, which meant I could now work from home and so I sold my lovely little house and moved in with him... next door to his mother! (long unnecessary story about him buying the house for his Grandmother years previously)

    And now here we are 6 years later, my initial goodwill exhausted, my diplomacy spent and my willingness to ignore the digs and slights gone.
    "Are you sure you should have that chocolate bar dear"
    "I know you've asked me not to call after 10pm unless it's an emergency but it's only 11pm and I just have to know if you've seen so-and-so's picture on Facebook?"

    Others have commented on M-I-L's abrasive personality and how demanding she can be, but I feel obliged to point out that she can generous and thoughtful on occasion.

    What I'm really struggling with is her determination to question or argue with almost everything.
    "You say you've measured it and it's 23 feet... it doesn't look 23 feet... are you sure?"
    "So when you said that pressing that button would break it, you should've made it more clear that it would stop working."

    Whatever I do isn't good enough, and she takes so much for granted.
    I'm not looking for a pedestal or a throne, but an occasional 'thanks for giving up 4 hours of your time to sort out my computer' would be nice.

    Does anyone out there have any good coping methods or any suggestions or maybe just a M-I-L story/funny they'd like to share?
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