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Inconsiderate Professors

Discussion in 'School and college' started by Clara10, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. Clara10

    Clara10 New Member

    There are just some professors which you don't understand and expect so much from a student.
  2. Gabriellea

    Gabriellea Active Member

    That's true, but that's why students often choose courses depending on the professor. Popular professors get big classes and those who are difficult don't do so well. It does make a difference as to whether you will get good grades and enjoy studying. A bad experience can put you off (it did me) and I ended up dropping a course because of a professor.
  3. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    That's true and it's a shame. My brother almost quit school over a certain instructor. They guy wanted to hand out books the first day and basically have students teach themselves. He piled up their assignments, taunting them that he hoped they didn't have jobs or other responsibilities because he intended to flood them with work. He would be hateful and ugly if they dared ask a question and tried to shame them. My brother was so overwhelmed. The guy was a raging jerk. People who hate their jobs that much should be gone.

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