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High school or college life?

Discussion in 'School and college' started by zararina, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. zararina

    zararina Member

    It is for those who had experienced the high school life and college life already.
    Which one seems to be happier and more memorable for you?

    Personally I could say that I enjoy more my college life since I feel the real independence during those years. I study bit far in my home and there are too many places around the University to roam around such as park and malls. ;)
  2. brihooter

    brihooter New Member

    I would say college life, hands down! Well considering I am 27 and just started college about a year ago. I got a late start due to getting married and having children right out of high school. I wouldn't change anything though because it has made me who I am today. My kids will always be my number one priority!

    I am attending college online as of right now. It is a lot easier since I have a new baby!
  3. hatteubanal

    hatteubanal Member

    High school. High school is where I've made real friends and shared unforgettable experiences with them. I miss those worry-free days. College was hell for me. I got culture-shocked. I guess I just got so used to my sheltered small town life. If independence was what you enjoyed most about college, zararina; too much independence was what made my college life suck.
  4. Roxanne_101

    Roxanne_101 Member

    I liked college a lot. I did like having my independence from my parents. I was the youngest so needless to say I was smothered at home. I did not get wild in college, but I did have a lot more freedom.
  5. nexusofleaves

    nexusofleaves New Member

    College. Always college. There's just so many new perspectives and people that high school just seems so insular and bland.
  6. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    It was college for me. I think it varies for a lot of people, but for me personally, high school had several different stages of "growing up." When college hit, though, I was older, wiser, and had a lot more freedom. I wasn't even a partier or anything, but I did enjoy those years more because my schedule was more lax.
  7. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    Good question! I never really thought of it in that way - like comparing the two, you know? And now that I am, I will have to still say: BOTH. I really loved high school for many reasons, I had cool friends, a big love, fun times and I found school very easy, so no work.

    By the time college came around, I had more independence etc, beautiful surroundings, a part time job, new friends...but I had to learn how to study, I had many family problems and it was a lonely time in some ways. But when I add the pros and cons of both - I would say that I loved them equally, in the end.
  8. Parker

    Parker Member

    I loved the college life. It was the first time I experienced freedom. I was the oldest of four kids and was responsible for a lot of the housework and actually helped raised them. I went to college 3,000 miles just to get away.
  9. Cecille

    Cecille Active Member

    I choose college life, of course. During high school, I've never felt happy about all the troubles I cause to my mother and to my studies. I know I am not a rebellious child, but I let my friends influence me. And I felt really guilty.

    With my college days, I know I did all I can to excel at school. And working at the same time was really exciting. That was the real me. And I felt how proud my mother was when she stepped into the stage to receive my award. :)
  10. btatro

    btatro New Member

    College life was a much better experience for me. The freedom, the self exploration, and the fun were much more than I experience in high school. My high school had a lot of cliques and drama. I felt that so many people were superficial and just trying to be the most popular. In college, nobody really cares. You make new friends and lose touch with most of the people you used to call friends (in a good way). You find people you truly enjoy spending your time with.
  11. clewand550

    clewand550 Member

    I really enjoyed my high school years. I have so many wonderful memories from my high school years. I never did the dorm thing when I was in college. I was busy studying, working, paying bills, studying some more and working some more to really enjoy my college years. I would go back to my high school years any day. I had a lot of awesome friends and I was very involved with school activities. A lot of excellent memories.
  12. Honia

    Honia New Member

    Highschool was fun but COLLEGE RULES!!! I made some great friends, I had a lot of fun and almost no worries at all. In highschool I was still to young and under my parents close surveillance to enjoy it as much as I should have. There was always pressure regarding my grades and unfortunately I had a curfew that didn't allow me to spend very much time out.

    On the other hand, in college, I lived in an apartment with 3 other girls, I made my own schedule and I managed to go to classes, take all my exams and have a great time while doing it.
  13. j_pin

    j_pin Member

    High School was only better for me in some ways because it was less stressful - housing and food provided by parents and all. College was better because I was learning more of what I wanted and I was lucky enough to do my studying in two very large and fun cities so I had great experiences.
  14. vainnn

    vainnn New Member

    I like college waaaay better than high school.
    Very little "busy work", the professors treat you like adults, no one telling you to go here/do this/whatever. Plus, the professors get to do way more fun stuff in class.

    For example: I'm a psych major. In my Psych 250 (intro to psych) class fall semester, we were speaking one day about defying social norms. The professor decided to dismiss the class a half hour early, telling us to use the time to "defy some social norms".
    One of my classmates decided to get a group of us together, myself included. We all picked a spot where lots of students walk by and looked up towards the sky.
    About an hour later, we had over a hundred students gathered around. Some of them were from our class and were in on the joke; some of them were wondering what we were looking at. It was incredible.
  15. Ayane

    Ayane Member

    I enjoyed college way more. I admit while I met all of my long-term friends in high school, I had very bad memories there because of bullying. People in college seem to have more respect for you and the teachers are very guiding. Whenever I have issues with students, its more of a lets talk it out calmly now not so much as a, "hey let me point out your flaws!" People seem much more well rounded by college life.

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