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Halloween Plans?

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Snowbaby, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Hey guys!

    Any of you have any plans for Halloween this year? Any parties? Decorating your houses? Trick or Treating??

    We... have no plans [​IMG]

  2. Nautica

    Nautica New Member

    My house is decorated for Halloween all the time, with the severed leg by the front door, and the ghoul looking out at anyone that dares try to geeb in my window, LOL! But my daughter put up the ones that aren't out all year.

    As for the actual holiday, we have 2 choices, which are up to her to pick between.

    My friend is turning 40 on Halloween, which will be a fun party, and another friend and I would take all the kiddos Trick or Treating around there...


    We could do what we always do, go up the road to the "spot" around here (we don't have any real neighborhoods in my town, we're in the boonies) and go with my friend and her 4 kids, which will be fun too...

    Either way, I LOVE Halloween!!
  3. Bluesy

    Bluesy New Member

    No, I don't have any plans. We might give out candy or something.
  4. El Snuffy

    El Snuffy New Member

    I dunno. We'll just have to wait and see.
  5. Chantilly

    Chantilly New Member

    No Halloween plans.

    Bah humbug, remember?

    .....that applies to all holidays, right? [​IMG]
  6. Nautica

    Nautica New Member

    OH NO!!! Not the ones that involve skeletons too???
  7. Chantilly

    Chantilly New Member

    ESPECIALLY the ones that involve skeletons!!!

    ...this includes Christmas.

  8. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Bah Halloween?
  9. bluestar

    bluestar Member

    lol! Funny.

    We have no plans... My hubby probably will be working that night so I think I will just sit down with a nice tall glass of Havana and watch a movie.

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