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Forum Revamp!

Discussion in 'Support & Suggestions' started by Snowbaby, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    [​IMG] guys!

    You've probably all noticed... I've done a revamp of the forums. Don't worry, nothing has been deleted as such:
    • * The Bridal Suite and Relationships have been merged to create one forum
      * Amazing Facts and Fun Time have been merged to create one forum
      * Waiting to Conceive and Trying to Conceive have been merged to create one forum
      * Arcade Discussion has been created as a Sub Forum within Fun Time.
      * Teens, Relationships, All Pregnancy forums, Supportive Sanctum and all Lifestyle Forums have all been combined into one area with the girlie forums, which has made the entire site a little more user friendly.

    We now have 3 main areas:

    Newbies Introductions
    General Chit Chat (Subforums: Post Office, Spotlight, Mystery Member)
    Girlie Gossip - for all the girlie news in the world!
    Fun Time (Subforums: The Polling Station, Arcade Discussion)
    The Expression Centre (Subforums: Picasso's Palace, Signatures & Avatars and Rhyme-ster's Alley)

    The Girlie Corner
    The Dreaded *Monthlies*
    Come in and have a moan!! (Subforums: Girl Empowerment)
    Teens Section
    Pregnancy & Parenting (Subforums: WTTC or TTC?, Pregnancy, Parenting, Pregnancy, Birth & parenting Information Centre )
    LifeStyle (Subforums: Hobbies Galore!!, Household Tips, Pet Heaven, Diet, Health & Exercise, Skin & Hair Care, Natural Remedies & A to Z of Herbs, Ailments Archive)
    Snowy's Supportive Sanctum

    Girl Power Forum Information
    Updates, Support & Suggestions (Subforums: Support & Suggestions)
    Link Exchange

    If anyone has any suggestions on improving this, or adding any new sections you think would be fun and of popular interest, please don't hesitate to start a topic in the Suggestions Forum or alternatively, you could send me a PM.

    If you are unable to find something, please feel free to PM me also!

    Snowy [​IMG]

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