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Favorite Make-up brand

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Lucy1982, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Lucy1982

    Lucy1982 New Member

    What is your favorite make-up brand? Can be department store or pharmacy. I love both but don't have money for the department store stuff all the time.
  2. Cecille

    Cecille Active Member

    Oh mine would be the cosmetics at the department stores at the mall. The specific brand that I really like are the Maybelline cosmetics, especially the mousse eyeshadows and blush-on. I just love the texture and the colors! Though I too don't get to buy it often now that I am not wearing make up most of the time.
    But I wish to buy one one of these days. :rolleyes:
  3. zararina

    zararina Member

    I also like Maybelline for their lip gloss since it was affordable and lots of good choices for that certain product. I do not use cosmetics regularly, just using it if there are occasions or if its required/necesary. And I would choose Nichido brand for cake foundations cause it does not give me skin allergy and I would go for or choose Avon brand for a lipstick. ;)
  4. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    Maybelline for their lip gloss, Dior for mascara and Clinique for foundation :)
  5. Amerise

    Amerise New Member

    I can't possibly pick just one favorite brand - I am a self-professed makeup junkie. I like e.l.f. for budget stuff, they are super cheap but a lot of their products are actually pretty decent quality for the price. I like Tarte for blush, CoverGirl for eyeliner... do you see where this is going, lol!! I basically like a lot of different products from a lot of different brands.
  6. LuckyinCali1980

    LuckyinCali1980 New Member

    I am a makeup junkie I confess lol. My favorite brand right now is Make Up For Ever they can be pricey but I love their foundations and eyeshadows. Nars blush in orgasm, mac lipstick and gloss. Cheaper makeup NYC has some great chrome eyeshadows that are inexpensive and are similar to the Mac pigments. Cherry culture website has some great deals on cheaper makeup. Okay I have to stop I can go on all day.
  7. Olivia

    Olivia New Member

    I love Mac pigments, too. I like Covergirl mascarera, because it is the only I have found that do not make my eyes itchy. Where do you buy e.l.f.? I have heard good stuff on their makeup, but have not found any. I am mainly an eyeshadow addict, and will buy anything as long as it stays in place well.
  8. LuckyinCali1980

    LuckyinCali1980 New Member

    e.l.f. can stay on long but it tends to have a lot of fallout so I am always careful when I use it. There eyeshadows are great for the price. I have bough elf at Ross, I think they also sell it at Target.
  9. mommymumbles

    mommymumbles Member

    I use different brands, depending on what is on sale sometimes. My favorites are Clinique, Loreal, Maybelline and Revlon. I also like Cover Girl--I recently was using Covergirl/Olay's new Simply Ageless foundation and blush and like them both very much. For years now I have been using Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara.
  10. Yolanda

    Yolanda Member

    I don't wear make-up a lot, but the brands I love most are Two Face, Sephora and Urban Decay. They have great pigments and wonderful, bright colors as well as a broad choice in natural colors to make the perfect 'naked eye look'.
  11. roxfan003

    roxfan003 Member

    I like Covergirl. It's cheaper, but still a great line of products. I also like Clinique but haven't really had anything Clinique in a couple years. My grandma used to work there and get free makeup for me, but she doesn't anymore so I am out of luck. It was weird when I had to start buying my own foundation.
  12. kristyleann

    kristyleann Member

    I sell Mark cosmetics so Mark is definately one of my favorites lol...I'm probably my own best customer lol...but I like maybelline a lot too... have you guys heard of birchbox.com? it costs $10 a month and they send you a box every month with about 5 samples of high end cosmetics, hair products, perfume, etc. I've been signed up for a while now and I love it.
  13. akeking

    akeking New Member

    Wet n Wild Intuitive Blend foundation and primer! I just discovered this stuff last week and I am in love! I live in sunny Arizona where even taking a quick walk to the supermarket and back gives me a tan and it was so annoying trying to match my foundation when my color is always changing. This foundation actually does match beautifully and I was surprised at how good the coverage is. I would definitely recommend this product for people who plan on getting a tan or have one that is fading.
  14. gothtini

    gothtini New Member

    Mm I don't wear much makeup, but I gotta say my favorite would probably be either Avon, Morbid Make Up, or Manic Panic (a gothic branch of NYC) . Pretty much anything gothic looking that isn't theater make up is awesome to me. During Halloween I often get what I can from the stores because its so cheap then.
  15. hachiko0919

    hachiko0919 Member

    I used to wear make up every night while I was still working,it was a requirement. I've tried different products and some of them were great while some caused me rashes or pimples. My favorite foundation and lipstick is shu uemura, and maybelline for pressed powder and mascara. :)

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