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  1. Lottie

    Lottie New Member

    Chlamydia is a vaginal infection caused by a parasite. Women with this infection may have no symptoms at all, but it can cause a variety of problems: tubal inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), possible ectopic pregnancy, repeated miscarriage and infertility. If a woman has an infection at the time of giving birth, it can cause conjunctivitis in her baby.

    It is possible to screen for chlamydia (though this isn't done routinely). It can be successfully treated in pregnancy with the antibiotic erythromycin. It is always worth telling your doctor or midwife if you have any vaginal discharge you are worried about.
  2. opalflower

    opalflower New Member

    Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. If you think that you may have this, then its best to visit GUM clinic as they will be able to test and treat you and your partner, and also check for any other causes of vaginal discharges.

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